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119911985年國際電腦圍棋邀請賽冠軍程式Dragon之設計與製作許舜欽; Hsu, Shun-Chin國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
2199045?Mask Layout CompactionYang, Wu-Chun國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
31989A-Optimal and Minimax Variance for Orthogonal Design of Strength 2nYao, Jing-Shing國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
41989A-Optimal and Minmax Variance for Orthogonal Design of Strength ZnLiu, Mu-Hsiung; Yao, Jing-Shing國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
51983An Analysis of Digital Phase Detectors曹偉恆; Wu, Kuang-Tsan國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
61968Analytic Solution Linear Dynamic System from State Variable Diagram by Inspection MethodChao, Yung-Cheng國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
71967Analytical Approach to Cascade Control System DesignChao, Yung-Cheng國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
81991An Approach to Probabilistic Modelling of Strong Ground Motion for Ground Deformation SpectrumLoh, Chin-Hsiung 國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
91989B.S.R.A.高船資料系列使用之電腦化Kouh, Jen-Shieng國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
101993Buckling and Free Vibration of Antisymmetric Angle-Ply Laminates Subject to a Uniform Temperature Field Based on Various Displacement FieldsChang, Jeng-Shian國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
111988Carbonization and Mesophase Development of Coal Tar PitchLee, Yuan-Haun; Wung, Tung-Ying國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
121988Character Recognition by a Stochastic Sectionalgram ApproachMa, Yung-Lung國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
131967The Critical Path Analysis of Chemical Plant DesignChao, Yung-Cheng國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
141980DUC-II作部份模擬連續攪拌反應器控制研究Kuo, Te-Son國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
151968Dynamic Analysis of Double-Tube Steam-Heating Heat ExchangerChao, Yung-Cheng國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
161968Dynamic Analysis of Thermosiphon ReboilerChao, Yung-Cheng國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
171987The Effect of Intermolecular Force on Polyurethane and Polystyrene BlendsShih, Shin-Min國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
181992Experimental Response of Seismic Eccentrically Braced Frame Subsystems蔡克銓 ; Young, Yeong-Fong; Tsai, Keh-Chyuan ; Young, Yeong-Fong國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
191991A Generalized Formulation for High Reslution Schemes Using Modified Eigenvalues Approach楊照彥; Lien, F. S.; Yang, Jaw-Yen國立臺灣大學工程學刊 
201991The Implementation of Integer Processing Unit (IPU) of the Mars System賴飛羆 ; Jang, G. S.; Chang, T. N.; Juang, Y. L.; Lai, Fei-Pei ; Jang, G. S.; Chang, T. N.國立臺灣大學工程學刊