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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12014Eigenvalue solvers for three dimensional photonic crystals with face-centered cubic latticeHuang, T.-M.; Hsieh, H.-E.; Lin, W.-W.; Wang, W.; WEICHUNG WANG Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 911
22008Finding effective points by surrogate models with overcomplete basesWang, W.; Chen, R.-B.; WEICHUNG WANG Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 11
32007High resolution of 2D natural convection in a cavity by the DQ methodLo, D. C.; Young, D. L.; Tsai, C. C.Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 3127
41995Implementation of an inexact approach to solving linear semi-infinite programming problemsLin, Chih-Jen ; Yang, Eugene K.; Fang, Shu-Cherng; Wu, Soon-YiJournal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 46
52014Ray-Bing Chen;Yaohung M. Tsai;Weichung WangHuang, Tsung-Ming; Hsieh, Han-En; Lin, Wen-Wei; Wang, Weichung Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 
62010A sixth-order dual preserving algorithm for the Camassa-Holm equationChiu, Pao-Hsiung; Lee, Long; Sheu, Tony W.H.Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 78
72001Solving quadratic semi-infinite programming problems by using relaxed cutting-plane schemeFang, Shu-Cherng; Lin, Chih-Jen; Wu, Soon-Yi; CHIH-JEN LIN Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 1314
82011Using adaptive multi-accurate function evaluations in a surrogate-assisted method for computer experimentsWang, W.; Chen, R.-B.; Hsu, C.-L.; Wang, Weichung Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 21