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12015A low cost color-based bacterial biosensor for measuring arsenic in groundwaterHuang, C.-W.; Wei, C.-C.; Liao, V.H.C.; VIVIAN LIAO Chemosphere 1919
22015A time series analysis of multiple ambient pollutants to investigate the underlying air pollution dynamics and interactionsYu, H.-L.; Lin, Y.-C.; Kuo, Y.-M.; HWA-LUNG YU Chemosphere 912
32001Adsorption of acid dye onto activated carbons prepared from agricultural waste bagasse by ZnCl2 activationTsai, W. T.; Chang, C. Y.; Lin, M. C.; Chien, S. F.; Sun, H. F.; Hsieh, M. F.Chemosphere 
42002The adsorption of benzene and methylethylketone onto activated carbon: thermodynamic aspectsChiang, H. L.; Huang, C. P.; Chiang, P. C.Chemosphere 
51995The adsorption of benzene, toluene and ethylbenzene on soils near infinite dilutionChen, Chih-yu; Wu, Shian-cheeChemosphere 
61997Adsorption of Se(IV) and Se(VI) on an iron-coated sand from waterLo, Shang-Lien ; Chen, Tsung-YungChemosphere 
72000Adsorption/desorption properties of copper ions on the surface of iron-coated sand using BET and EDAX analysesLai, C. H.; Lo, S. L.; Chiang, H. L.Chemosphere 
82017Aerobic and anaerobic biosynthesis of nano-selenium for remediation of mercury contaminated soilWang X.; Zhang D.; Pan X.; Lee D.-J. ; Al-Misned F.A.; Mortuza M.G.; Gadd G.M.Chemosphere 3852
92009Ageing of black carbon along a temperature gradientCheng, C.-H.; Lehmann, J.; CHIH-HSIN CHENG Chemosphere 190216
101998Aliphatic aldehydes and allethrin in mosquito-coil smokeChang, Juei-Yun; Lin, Jia-MingChemosphere 
111997Alkanol and sterol degradation in a sediment core from the continental slope off southwestern TaiwanJeng, Woei-Lih; Huh, Chih-An; Chen, Chin-LiangChemosphere 
121996Anaerobic biotransformation of polychlorinated methane and ethene under various redox conditionsChemosphere 1210
131996Anaerobic biotransformation of polychlorinated methane and ethene under various redox conditionsDoong, Ruey-An; Wu, Shian-Chee; Chen, Tsu-FengChemosphere 
142003Anaerobic digestion of polyelectrolyte flocculated waste activated sludgeChu, C. P.; Lee, D. J. ; Chang, Bea-Ven; You, C. H.; Liao, C. S.; Tay, J. H.Chemosphere 460
152003Arsenic contaminated site at an abandoned copper smelter plant: waste characterization and solidification/stabilization treatmentShih, Chien-Jen; Lin, Cheng-Fang Chemosphere 
162016Arsenite exposure accelerates aging process regulated by the transcription factor DAF-16/FOXO in Caenorhabditis elegansYu, C.-W.; How, C.M.; Liao, V.H.-C.; VIVIAN LIAO Chemosphere 1724
171992As(V) adsorption on amorphous iron oxide: Triple layer modellingHsia, T.H.; Lo, S.L.; Lin, C.F.Chemosphere 
181992As(V) adsorption on amorphous iron oxide: Triple layer modellingHsia T.H.; Lo S.L.; Lin C.F. Chemosphere 3943
192011Assessing the health risk of reuse of bottom ash in road pavingShih, Hsiu-ching; Ma, Hwong-wen; Shih, Hsiu-ching; HWONG-WEN MA ; Ma, Hwong-wen Chemosphere 1516
202015Assessing the transfer of risk due to transportation of agricultural productsLi, P.-C.; Shih, H.-C.; Ma, H.-W.; HWONG-WEN MA Chemosphere 34