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12011A comparative study on the estimation of evapotranspiration using backpropagation neural network: Penman-Monteith method versus pan evaporation methodKuo, S.-F.; Chen, F.-W.; Liao, P.-Y.; Liu, C.-W.; CHEN-WUING LIU Paddy and Water Environment 1111
22004A GIS-based framework of regional irrigation water demand assessmentTzai-Hung Wen; Ming-Daw Su; Yih-Lung Yeh; TZAI-HUNG WEN Paddy and Water Environment 04
32013A procedure to estimate cover coefficient and parameters of soil moisture stress function using soil moisture monitoring dataHong, N.-M.; Tung, C.-P.; Chen, C.; CHING-PIN TUNG Paddy and Water Environment 22
42011A spatial aggregation index for effective fallow decision in paddy irrigation demand planningMing-Daw Su; Mei-Chun Lin; Chun-Hung Lin; Shih-Fu Wang; Tzai-Hung Wen; Hsin-I Hsieh; TZAI-HUNG WEN ; Su, Ming-Daw Paddy and Water Environment 63
52009Application and development of a decision-support system for assessing water shortage and allocation with climate changeLiu, T.-M.; Tung, C.P.; Ke, K.Y.; Chuang, L.H.; Lin, C.Y.; CHING-PIN TUNG Paddy and Water Environment 3126
62010Appraisal of affordable green subsidy of rice paddy in TaiwanLiu, C.-W.; Zhang, S.-W.; Yao, H.-P.; Lin, K.-H.; Lin, W.-T.; CHEN-WUING LIU Paddy and Water Environment 43
72009Assessing the impact of climate change on annual typhoon rainfall-a stochastic simulation approachCheng, K.-S.; Hou, J.-C.; Wu, Y.-C.; Liou, J.-J.; KE-SHENG CHENG Paddy and Water Environment 129
82012Assessing the impact of climate change on basin-average annual typhoon rainfalls with consideration of multisite correlationWu, Y.-C.; Hou, J.-C.; Liou, J.-J.; Su, Y.-F.; Cheng, K.-S.; KE-SHENG CHENG Paddy and Water Environment 22
92009Assessing the impact of climate change on the land hydrology in TaiwanLi, M.-H.; Tien, W.; Tung, C.-P.; CHING-PIN TUNG Paddy and Water Environment 2320
102013Assessment and validation of CLIGEN-simulated rainfall data for Northern TaiwanFan, J.-C.; Yang, C.-H.; Liu, C.-H.; Huang, H.-Y.; JEN-CHEN FAN Paddy and Water Environment 128
112011Assessment of nitrogen contamination of groundwater in paddy and upland fieldsKao, Y.H.; Liu, C.-W.; Jang, C.S.; Zanh, S.W.; Lin, K.H.; CHEN-WUING LIU Paddy and Water Environment 1211
122012Association of water depth and aquatic-plant competition in conservation of Isoetes taiwanensis in the Menghuan Pond Wetland in TaiwanYu YT; Lur HS ; Chang WLPaddy and Water Environment 76
132010Comparative analysis of temporal changes of multifunctionality benefit of two major rice paddy plains in TaiwanLiu, C.-W.; Zhang, S.-W.; Lin, K.-H.; Lin, W.-T.; CHEN-WUING LIU Paddy and Water Environment 109
142005Determination of the magnitudes and values for groundwater recharge from Taiwan's paddy fieldCHEN-WUING LIU ; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Tan, Chih-Huang; Huang, Cheng-ChangPaddy and Water Environment 1314
152013Distribution of heavy metals in the sediments of agricultural fields adjacent to urban areas in Central TaiwanCheng, B.-Y.; Fang, W.-T.; Shyu, G.-S.; Chang, T.-K.; TSUN-KUO CHANG Paddy and Water Environment 1513
162013Dynamics of cadmium concentration in contaminated rice paddy soils with submerging timeHuang, Jang-Hung; Wang, Shan-Li; Lin, Jhin-Hao; Chen, Yue-Ming; Wang, Ming-Kuang; SHAN-LI WANG Paddy and Water Environment 4136
172013Effect evaluation of shotcrete vegetation mulching technique applied to steep concrete-face slopes on a highway of TaiwanFan, J.-C.; Huang, C.-L.; Yang, C.-H.; Liao, K.-W.; Liao, W.-W.; JEN-CHEN FAN Paddy and Water Environment 1714
182013Effects of anti-dam campaigns on institutional capacity: A case study of Meinung from TaiwanPeng, L.-P.; LI-PEI PENG Paddy and Water Environment 87
192012Estimation of the spatial rainfall distribution using inverse distance weighting (IDW) in the middle of TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU Paddy and Water Environment 353302
202004A GIS-based framework of regional irrigation water demand assessmentWen, Tzai-Hung ; Su, Ming-Daw ; TZAI-HUNG WEN Paddy and Water Environment 04