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12012A novel method for analytically solving multi-species advective-dispersive transport equations sequentially coupled with first-order decay reactionsCHEN-WUING LIU Journal of Hydrology 4645
22009A three-dimensional model of the effect of stemflow on soil water dynamics around a tree on a hillslopeLiang, W.-L.; Kosugi, K.; Mizuyama, T.; WEI-LI LIANG Journal of Hydrology 5559
31999A two-well method to evaluate transverse dispersivity for tracer tests in a radially convergent flow fieldChen, J.-S.; Chen, C.-S.; Gau, H.-S.; Liu, C.-W.; Chen, Jui-Sheng; Chen, Chia-Shyun; Gau, Hwa-Sheng; Liu, Chen-Wuing; CHEN-WUING LIU Journal of Hydrology 2424
42016An analytical model for solute transport in an infiltration tracer test in soil with a shallow groundwater tableLiang, C.-P.; Hsu, S.-Y.; Chen, J.-S.; SHAO-YIU HSU Journal of Hydrology 2012
52003Analysis of percolation and seepage through paddy bundsCHEN-WUING LIU ; Huang, Han-Chen; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Chen, Shih-Kai; Chen, Jui-ShengJournal of Hydrology 4441
62015Analysis of space-time non-stationary patterns of rainfall-groundwater interactions by integrating empirical orthogonal function and cross wavelet transform methodsYu, H.-L.; Lin, Y.-C.; HWA-LUNG YU Journal of Hydrology 5756
72002Analysis of water movement in paddy rice fields (I) experimental studiesChen, S.-K.; Liu, C.W.; CHEN-WUING LIU ; Chen, Shih-Kai; Liu, Chen Wuing Journal of Hydrology 9385
82002Analysis of water movement in paddy rice fields (II) simulation studiesChen, S.-K.; Liu, C.W.; Huang, H.-C.; Chen, Shih-Kai; Liu, Chen Wuing; Huang, Han-Chen; CHEN-WUING LIU ; Chen, Shih-Kai; Liu, Chen Wuing ; Huang, Han-ChenJournal of Hydrology 6057
92011Analytical solutions to two-dimensional advection-dispersion equation in cylindrical coordinates in finite domain subject to first- and third-type inlet boundary conditionsChen, J.-S.; Chen, J.-T.; Liu, C.-W.; Liang, C.-P.; Lin, C.-W.; CHEN-WUING LIU Journal of Hydrology 4341
102005Applying fuzzy theory and genetic algorithm to interpolate precipitationChang, C.L.; Lo, S.L.; Yu, S.L.Journal of Hydrology 
112010Artificial neural networks for estimating regional arsenic concentrations in a blackfoot disease area in TaiwanChang, F.-J.; Kao, L.-S.; Kuo, Y.-M.; Liu, C.-W.; CHEN-WUING LIU ; Chang, Fi-John ; Kao, Li-shan; Kuo, Yi-Ming; Liu, Chen-Wuing Journal of Hydrology 4443
122008Assessing the ecological hydrology of natural flow conditions in TaiwanChang, Fi-John ; Tsai, Meng-Jung; Tsai, Wen-Ping; Herricks, Edwin E.Journal of Hydrology 4134
132010Assessing the effort of meteorological variables for evaporation estimation by self-organizing map neural networkChang, Fi-John ; Chang, Li-Chiu; Kao, Huey-Shan; Wi, Gwo-RuJournal of Hydrology 7464
142012Assessment of groundwater emergency utilization in Taipei Basin during droughtCHEN-WUING LIU Journal of Hydrology 87
152013Assessment of sewer flooding model based on ensemble quantitative precipitation forecastLee, C.-S.; MING-JEN YANG ; HUNG-CHI KUO ; CHENG-SHANG LEE Journal of Hydrology 2927
162009Characteristics of stemflow for tall stewartia (Stewartia monadelpha) growing on a hillslopeLiang, W.-L.; Kosugi, K.; Mizuyama, T.; WEI-LI LIANG Journal of Hydrology 2528
172004Comparison of static-feedforward and dynamic-feedback neural networks for rainfall–runoff modelingChiang, Yen-Ming; Chang, Li-Chiu; Chang, Fi-John Journal of Hydrology 164146
182010Conservative solute approximation to the transport of a remedial reagent in a vertical circulation flow fieldChen, J.-S.; Jang, C.-S.; Cheng, C.-T.; Liu, C.-W.; CHEN-WUING LIU Journal of Hydrology 1010
192010Constrained genetic algorithms for optimizing multi-use reservoir operationChang, Li-Chiu; Chang, Fi-John ; Wang, Kuo-Wei; Dai, Shin-YiJournal of Hydrology 129107
202005Continuous monitoring of water loading of trees and canopy rainfall interception using the strain gauge methodHuang, Y.S.; Chen, S.S.; Lin, T.P.Huang, Y.S.; Chen, S.S.; Lin, T.P.; TSAN-PIAO LIN Journal of Hydrology 2424