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11992Application of Dithiocarbamate Resin-Metal Complexes as Stationary Phase in Gas Chromatography劉春櫻; Chyueh, S. D.; Yeh, C. F.; Liu, Chuen-Ying; Chyueh, S. D.; Yeh, C. F.Intern. Conference on Anal. Chem., Reading 
22003A fluorescent carbazole derivative: high sensitivity for quadruplex DNAChang, C.-C.; Wu, J.-Y.; Chien, C.-W.; Wu, W.-S.; Liu, H.; Kang, C.-C.; Yu, L.-J.; Chang, T.-C.Anal. Chem 
32005High-affinity capture of proteins by diamond nanoparticles for mass spectrometric analysisKong, X. L.; Huang, L. C. L.; Hsu, C.-M.; Chen, W.-H.; Han, C.-C.; Chang, H.-C.Anal. Chem 
42006Simultaneous Mass Analysis of Positive and Negative Ions Using a Dual-Polarity Time-of-Flight Mass SpectrometerTsai, S.-T.; Chen, C.-W.; Lora, L.-C.; Huang, M.-C.; Chen, C.-H.; Wang, Y.-S.Anal. Chem 
52006Solid phase extraction and elution on diamond (SPEED): A fast and general platform for proteome analysis with mass spectrometryChen, W.-H.; Lee, S.-C.; Sabu, S.; Fang, H.-C.; Chung, S.-C.; Han, C.-C.; Chang, H.-C.Anal. Chem 
62006Verification of antiparallel G-quadruplex structure in human telomeres by using two-photon excitation fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy of the 3,6-bis(1-methyl-4-vinylpyridinium)carbazole diiodide moleculeChang, C.-C.; Chu, J.-F.; Kao, F.-J.; Chiu, Y.-C.; Lou, P.-J.; Chen, H.-C.; Chang, T.-C.Anal. Chem