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11999Alkyne–carbide coupling on WOs3 cluster framework; synthesis and X-ray structure of (C5Me5)WOs3(μ4-C)(μ-CHCHR)(CO)10 and (C5Me5)WOs3[μ3-CCR(CH2)](CO)10, R=CH2PhChi, Yun; Chung, Cathy; Tseng, Wen-Cheng; Chou, Yung-Chia; Peng, Shie-Ming; Lee, Gene-Hsiangjournal article
21992An Asymmetric Synthesis of Crobarbatic AcidChen, M. Y.; 方俊民 ; Chen, M. Y.; Fang, Jim-Min journal article2223
31986Cleavage of Phosphorus-Carbon Bonds with Sodium/Naphthalene. Facile Preparations of Unsymmetrical Diphosphines周大紓; Tsao, Chung-Huang; Hung, Su-Chun; Chou, Ta-Shue; Tsao, Chung-Huangjournal article
42004Complexation and C–H bond activation of 1,5-cyclooctadiene on triosmium carbonyl clustersLiu, Yu-Chiao; Yeh, Wen-Yann; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Peng, Shie-Ming journal article
52007Complexation and metallation of Ph2P≡CC(CH2)5C≡CPh2 in triosmium carbonyl clustersShiue, Tsun-Wei; Yeh, Wen-Yann; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Peng, Shie-Mingjournal article
61989Concerning the Site Selectivity of Hydride Ligand in Tungsten-Triosimium Clusters:Crystal Structure and Solution Dynamics of (C5Me5)WOs3(CO)12H彭旭明 ; Lee, G.; Chi, Y.; Peng, C.; Hwang, L.; Peng, Shie-Ming ; Peng, C.; Hwang, L.journal article
71993Coordination characteristics of three N,N′-di(azol-1-yl)methanes; substituent effects on infrared absorption and structure of the Group VI metal carbonyl derivativesShiu, Kom-Bei; Liou, Kuen-Song; Wang, Yu; Cheng, Ming-Chu; Lee, Gene-Hsiangjournal article
81993Coordination Study of a Tripodal Phosphine Sulfide P2S toward Various Transition Metal IonsWang, H. E.; Cheng, M. C.; Lee, G. H.; Peng, S. M.; Liu, Shiuh-Tzung journal article
92005Copolymerization of olefins and CO catalyzed by new chiral arsine–oxazoline palladium complexesWang, Chao-Yu; Tan, Duan-Ming; Chan, Kin Shing; Liu, Yi-Hong; Peng, Shei-Ming; Liu, Shiuh-Tzung journal article65
101994Crystallographic disorder of carbonyl, propyl isocyanide and acetonitrile groups in the structures of Os3(CO)10(CNR)(NCMe)Lu, Kuang-Lieh; Liu, Ling-Kang; Su, Chi-Jung; Gau, Han-Mou; Wang, Yu; Lee, Gene-Hsiangjournal article
112008Cyclopentadienyl chromium and tungsten complexes with halide, methyl and σ-phenylethynyl ligands: Structures of (η5-C5H5)Cr(NO)2(–C≡C–C6H5), (η5-C5H5)Cr(NO)2I and [(η5-C5H4)-COOCH3]W(CO)3ClWang, Yu-Pin; Leu, Hsien-Li; Cheng, Hsiu-Yao; Lin, Tso-Shen; Wang, Yu; Lee, Gene-Hsiangjournal article
122007Cyclopentadienyl chromium complexes with halide, methyl, isothiocyanate and isoselenocyanate ligands: Structures of [η5-(C5H4-COOCH3)]Cr(NO)2(Br) and [η5-(C5H4-COOCH3)]Cr(NO)2(N=C=S)Wang, Yu-Pin; Leu, Hsien-Li; Wang, Yu; Cheng, Hsiu-Yao; Lin, Tso-Shenjournal article
131987Dichotomous Regiochemistry of Aldehyde and Ketone in the Reaction with Dithio-Substituted Crotyllithium方俊民 ; Hong, B. C.; Liao, L. F.; Fang, Jim-Min journal article4449
142007Effect of solvent on reactions of Cp2Zr{(μ-H)2BHR}2 and Cp2ZrH{(μ-H)2BHR} (R = CH3, Ph) with B(C6F5)3Liu, Fu-Chen; Chen, Shou-Chon; Lee, Gene-Hsian; Peng, Shie-Mingjournal article
152002Effects of counterions on intramolecular electron transfer in 1′,1′?-dinaphthylmethylbiferrocenium cation: structural, M?ssbauer and EPR characteristicsDong, Teng-Yuan; Huang, Bor-Ruey; Peng, Shie-Ming; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Chiang, Michael Y.journal article
161991First Ketoacyl Complexes with Planar cis Oxalyl Configulation. Crystal Structure of trans-[Pt(COCOOMe)(OH2)(PPh3)2](CF3SO3)陳竹亭; Yeh, Y. S.; Lee, G. H.; 王瑜; Chen, Jwu-Ting; Lee, G. H.; Wang, Yujournal article
171991First α-ketoacyl complex with planar s-cis oxalyl configuration. Crystal structure of trans-[Pt(COCOOMe)(OH2)(PPh3)2] (CF3SO3)Chen, Jwu-Ting; Yeh, Yu-Sung; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Wang, Yujournal article
181990Friedel-Crafts-Acetylation of (CO)2(NO)Cr(y5-C5H4)CH2(y5-C5H4)Fe(y5-C5H5) and X-ray Structure of (CO)2(NO)Cr(y5-C5H4)CH2[y5-(3-acetyl)C5H3]Fe(y5-C5H5)Wang, Y. P.; Shyu, R. S.; Hwu, J. M.; 王瑜; Cheng, M. C.; Hwu, J. M.; Wang, Yu; Cheng, M. C.journal article
192004Insertion reactions of phenyl isocyanate into hafnium nitrogen bonds: synthesis and reactivity of hafnium complexes bearing substituted pyrrolyl ligandsHsieh, Kun-Chun; Lee, Wen-Yi; Lai, Chun-Liang; Hu, Ching-Han; Lee, Hon Man; Huang, Jui-Hsien; Peng, Shie-Ming ; Lee, Gene-Hsingjournal article1616
202005Iridium mediated methyl and phenyl C-H activation of 2-(arylazo)phenols. Synthesis, structure, and spectral and electrochemical properties of some organoiridium complexesAcharyya, R; Basuli, F; Peng, SM; Lee, GH; Wang, RZ; Mak, TCW; Bhattacharya, Sjournal article