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1199113C NMR Substituent Parameters of Dithioacetal Groups in Benzene Derivatives. The σ(superscript +)(subscript p) Values of Cyclic Dithioacetals曾憶?; 汪根欉 ; 鄭文龍; 陸天堯 journal article
2199715N NMR Study of Coordinated Amine, Aminocarbyne, and Carboxamido Groups in Triosmium ClustersYING-CHIH LIN journal article00
319882-and or 6-Substituted-3-Pyrones:Competition Between "Retro-Diels-Alder" Fragmentation and Substitutent Loss郭悅雄; Lee, M. S.; Kuo, Yueh-Hsiung; Lee, M. S.journal article
4199925Mg NMR Relaxation Study of Mg(superscript 2+)-ATP Complexation in Solutions沈志賢; 羅滋君; 黃良平journal article
52013A 2-D Grid Coordination Polymer with an In-plane and Out-of-plane Structure Bridged by Pyrazine SpacersSHIE-MING PENG journal article11
62005A convenient modified short route for the preparation of [32]ane-N 8 hydrochlorideKEN-TSUNG WONG journal article4
72014A convenient preparation of bis(4-methoxyphenyl)methanethiol and its application in the synthesis of biotin thioacidLEE-CHIANG LO journal article00
82012A gold(I) complex based on 1,8-naphthyridine functionalized N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) and its catalytic activitySHIUH-TZUNG LIU journal article87
92014A journey of metal-metal bonding beyond Cotton's quadruple bondsSHIE-MING PENG journal article3232
101993A Novel Canthin‐6‐One Alkaloid Isolated from Cell Suspension Cultures of Brucea Javanica (L.) MerrSHOEI-SHENG LEE journal article87
112003A preliminary study on the synthesis of nano-sized quartzSHENG-RONG SONG journal article33
122012A Special Issue for the Electrical Energy Storage and ConversionRU-SHI LIU journal article
131991A Study of Intramolecular Diels-Alder Reactions of Allylamino Dienenitriles方俊民 ; JIM-MIN FANG ; Wang, Y. W.; Duh, J. M.; Cheng, M. C.; 王瑜; Fang, Jim-Min ; Wang, Y. W.; Duh, J. M.; Wang, Yujournal article21
141986A Study of the Constituents of the Bark of Chamaecyparis Formosensis MatsumJIM-MIN FANG journal article2221
151989A Study of the Constituents of the Wood of Armand PineJIM-MIN FANG journal article56
161997Ab-inito Calculations in Reductive Bond-breaking Reaction of C-X Bond in CH3X and CH2X2 with X = F and ClCHUNG-YUAN MOU journal article0
171997Ab-inito Calculations in Reductive Bond-breaking Reaction of C-X Bond in CH3X and CH2X2 with X=F and CI呂世伊; 牟中原journal article
181992Acetohydroxamate Resin as Column Packing for Ion ChromatographyChen, M. J.; Fan, J. D.; Liu, Chuen-Yingjournal article
191988Acidity and Catalytic Activity of Phosphoric Acid Modified Titanium Oxide Surface鄭淑芬 ; 李俊徹journal article33
201997Active Chemical Constituents from Sauropus androgynusSHOEI-SHENG LEE journal article