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11993A 13C NMR Study on Ibuprofen Metabolism in Isolated Rat Liver MitochondriaGou, D. M.; Liu, Y. C.; Chen, C. S.; Chen, Ching-Yu; Shieh, W. R.; Gou, D. M.; Liu, Y. C.; Chen, C. S.; 陳慶餘
22010A high-throughput colorimetric assay to characterize the enzyme kinetic and cellular activity of spermidine/spermine N1-acetyltransferase 1CHUN-HUA HSU journal article1313
32008A mammalian cell-based reverse two-hybrid system for functional analysis of 3C viral protease of human enterovirus 71Lee, J.-C.; JIM-MIN FANG ; Lee, Jin-Ching; Shih, Shin-Ru; Shih, S.-R.; Chang, T.-Y.; Chang, Ten-Yuan; Tseng, Huan-Yi; Tseng, H.-Y.; Shih, Ya-Feng; Shih, Y.-F.; Yen, Kuei-Jung; Yen, K.-J.; Chen, W.-C.; Chen, Wei-Chun; Shie, J.-J.; Shie, Jiun-Jie; Fang, J.-M.; Fang, Jim-Min ; Liang, P.-H.; Liang, Po-Huang; Chao, Y.-S.; Chao, Yu-Sheng; Hsu, John T-A.; Hsu, J. T.-A.journal article2421
42004A rapid filtration apparatus for harvesting cells under controlled conditions for use in genome-wide temporal profiling studiesLIANG-CHUAN LAI journal article33
52013Assaying the binding strength of G-quadruplex ligands using single-molecule TPM experimentsHUNG-WEN LI journal article65
62001Assays for angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory activityRICHIE CHEN journal article3535
72001Assays for angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory activityChang, Bin-Wha; Chen, Richie L.-C.; Huang, I-Jen; Chang, Hsien-Changjournal article
81994The Biotin/Avidin-Mediated Microtiter Plate Lectin Assay with the Use of Chemically Modified Glycoprotein LigandDuk, M.; Lisowska, E.; Wu, J. H.; 吳明道; Duk, M.; Wu, Albert M.
92000Characterization of a polyclonal antihapten antibody by affinity capillary electrophoresisJUI-CHANG TSAI journal article109
102016Concurrent quantification of multiple biomarkers indicative of oxidative stress status using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometryCharlene Wu ; TSUN-JEN CHENG journal article1818
112006Detecting disulfide crosslinks of high-molecular weight complexes in mouse SVS proteins by diagonal electrophoresisLin, Han-Jia; Lin, Chun-Hui; Tseng, Huan-Chin; Chen, Yee-Hsiung
122003Detection of fumonisin B1: Comparison of flow-injection liposome immunoanalysis with high-performance liquid chromatographyJA-AN ANNIE HO journal article4134
131995Determination of Optimally Resolving Gel Concentration and Migration Time (Path) in Gel ElectrophoresisHUAN-TSUNG CHANG journal article55
141990Determination of picomole quantitites of hydroperoxides by a coupled glutathione peroxidase and glutathione disulfide specific glutathione reductase assayAllen, Kenneth G. D.; Huang, Ching-Jang ; Morin, Catherine L.
151988A DNA sequencing strategyLee, Yu-May; Lee, Sheng-Chung 
162014Effective and site-specific phosphoramidation reaction for universally labeling nucleic acidsSHENG NAN CHANG ; LI-FANG WANG journal article22
172012Enumeration and viability of rare cells in a microfluidic disk via positive selection approach顏若芳; Yen RF; CHIUN-SHENG HUANG ; Chen, Ken-Chao; 嚴明芳; CHING-HUNG LIN ; Yen MF; Pan, Yu-Cheng; Hong RL; Chen, Chen-Lin; 洪瑞隆; Lin, Ching-Hung ; Tzen KY; 曾凱元; Chien CR; 簡君儒; Huang, Chiun-Sheng ; Wo, Andrew M.; 陳秀熙; Chen TH.; YEN, RUOH-FANG ; YEN, AMY MING-FANG; HONG, RUEY-LONG; TZEN, KAI-YUAN; CHIEN, CHUN-RU; CHEN, TONY HSIU-HSIjournal article78
182012Fluorescence-based assay probing regulator of G protein signaling partner proteinsHuang, Po-Shiun; Yeh, Hsin-Sung; Yi, Hsiu-Ping; Lin, Chain-Jia; Yang, Chii-Shen journal article11
192011Fluorescent substrate analog for monitoring chain elongation by undecaprenyl pyrophosphate synthase in real timeTeng, Kuo-Hsun; CHAO-TSEN CHEN ; Chen, Annie P.-C.; Kuo, Chih-Jung; Li, Yu-Chin; Liu, Hon-Ge; Chen, Chao-Tsen ; Liang, Po-Huangjournal article87
202004Formation of tannin-albumin nano-particles at neutral pH as measured by light scattering techniquesRICHIE CHEN journal article2520