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12015Advances in molecular quantum chemistry contained in the Q-Chem 4 program packageJENG-DA CHAI Molecular Physics 
21982Application of the Adiabatic Approximation to Coupled OscillatorsQian, Z. D.; Zhang, X. G.; Li, X. W.; Kono, H.; 林聖賢; Zhang, X. G.; Li, X. W.; Kono, H.; Lin, Sheng-HsienMolecular Physics 
31985Application of the Electron Gas Model to the Calculation of the Geometries of van der Waals ComplexesWu, G. S.; Wutz, D.; 林聖賢; Wu, G. S.; Wutz, D.; Lin, Sheng-HsienMolecular Physics 
41971Calculation of Chemical Reaction Cross Sections in Truncated Rotator- Oscillator ApproximationLin, Sheng-HsienMolecular Physics 
51971Calculation of the Energy Density Function by the Method of Steepest- DescentLin, Sheng-HsienMolecular Physics 
62012The effect of pressure on halothane binding to hydrated DMPC bilayersChau, P.-L.; Tu, K.M.; Liang, K.K.; Todorov, I.T.; Roser, S.J.; Barker, Robert; Matubayasi, NobuyukiMolecular Physics 
72006Effect of spin configuration on the reactivity of cytochrome c immobilized in mesoporous silicaLee, C.-H.; Mou, C.-Y.; Ke, S.-C.; Lin, T.-S.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Molecular Physics 
82006Effect of spin configuration on the reactivity of cytochrome c immobilized in mesoporous silicaLee, CH; Mou, CY; Ke, SC; Lin, TSMOLECULAR PHYSICS 
92008Highly Multiphoton Molecular Excitation by An Intense Laser PulseTeranishi, Y; Hayashi, M; Kong, F; Chin, S. L.; Chao, S. D.; Mineo, H; Lin, S. H.Molecular Physics 
101984Intermolecular nuclear relaxation and RISM pair-correlation function in liquidsHwang, Lian-PinMolecular Physics 
111971Isotope Effect, Energy Gap Law and Temperature Effect in Resonance Energy TransferLin, Sheng-HsienMolecular Physics 
121992Molecular dynamics study of liquid-solid transition of dense Lennard-Jones liquidHsu, Tze-Jeng; Mou, Chung-YuanMolecular Physics 
131992Molecular dynamics study of liquid-solid transition of dense lennard-jones liquidHsu, T.-J.; Mou, C.-Y.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Molecular Physics 
141983On nuclear magnetic relaxation due to slow molecular reorientation and fast internal rotation interferenceHwang, Lian-PinMolecular Physics 
151978Participation of Rotational Motion in Vibrational Relaxation of Molecules in Condensed MediaKnittel, D. R.; 林聖賢; Knittel, D. R.; Lin, Sheng-HsienMolecular Physics 
161967A Refined Treatment of Nuclear Magnetic ShieldingLin, Sheng-HsienMolecular Physics 
171971Theoretical Calculation of External Heavy-Atom Effect on the Spin-Orbit Coupling of Benzene MoleculesLin, K. C.; 林聖賢; Lin, K. C.; Lin, Sheng-HsienMolecular Physics 
181992Theory of Femtosecond Time-resolved Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy with Application to Ligand Dissociation in HaemoglobinAlden, R. G.; 林聖賢; Xiao, W. Z.; Fain, B.; Islampour, R.; Alden, R. G.; Lin, Sheng-Hsien; Islampour, R.Molecular Physics 
192005Two-dimensional diffusion of colloids in polymer solutionsCHENG-YING CHOU ; Lee, J.-T.; Chou, C.-Y.; Chao, G.; D.R.Pilaski; M.RobertMolecular Physics 
202005Two-photon vibronic spectroscopy of allene at 7.0-10.5 eV: experiment and theoryShieh, Jau-Chin; Wu, Jen-Chieh; Li, Runhua; Chang, Jia-Lin; Lin, Yi-Ji; Liao, Dai-Wei; Hayashi, M.; Mebel, A. M.; H; y, Nicholas C.; Chen, Yit-Tsong; YIT-TSONG CHEN Molecular Physics