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12019Active Transport of Membrane Components by Self-Organization of the Min ProteinsShih Y.-L.; Huang L.-T.; Tu Y.-M.; Lee B.-F.; Bau Y.-C.; Hong C.Y.; Lee H.-L.; Shih Y.-P.; Hsu M.-F.; Lu Z.-X.; Chen J.-S.; Chao L. journal article11
22010Binding and cleavage of E. coli HUß by the E. coli Lon protease (Biophysical Journal (2010) 98, (129-137))Liao, J.-H.; CHUN-HUA HSU et al. journal article00
32010Binding and cleavage of E. coli HUβ by the E. coli Lon proteaseLiao, J.-H.; CHUN-HUA HSU et al. journal article78
41990Ca2+ Regulation Mechanism of Tronponic-C and Troponin-T Binding.林宗義; Mayadevi, M.; Dowben, R. M.; Lin, Tsung-I; Dowben, R. M.journal article
51981Comparative Studies of Various Cellular Membrane Using Fluorescent Probes.林宗義; Haugland, R. B.; Burgun, J. C.; Dowben, R. M.; Lin, Tsung-I; Burgun, J. C.journal article
62009Concentration Gradient Effects of Sodium and Lithium Ions and Deuterium Isotope Effects on the Activities of H+-ATP Synthase from ChloroplastsChen, M.-F.; Wang, J.-D.; Su, T.-M.journal article33
72011Determination of collagen nanostructure from second-order susceptibility tensor analysisSu, P.-J.; Chen, W.-L.; Chen, Y.-F.; Dong, C.-Y.; YANG-FANG CHEN journal article6766
82009Effects of Hydration Levels on the Bandwidth of Microwave Resonant Absorption Induced by Confined Acoustic VibrationsLiu, Tzu-Ming; Chen, Hung-Pin; Yeh, Shih-Chia; Wu, Chih-Yu; Wang, Chung-Hsiung; Luo, Tang-Nian; Chen, Yi-Jan ; Liu, Shen-Iuan ; Sun, Chi-Kuang journal article01
91990Enantiomeric effects on excitation-contraction coupling in frog skeletal muscle by a chiral phenoxy carboxylic acidDE-SHIEN JONG journal article911
101978Fluorescent Probe Studies of Tropomyosin林宗義; Dowben, R. M.; Ford, C.; Wells, L.; Lin, Tsung-I; Dowben, R. M.; Ford, C.journal article
111978Fluorescent Probe Studies of Binding of Actin with Myosin Subfragment-one.林宗義; Carlile, S.; Dowben, R. M.; Lin, Tsung-Ijournal article
121977Fluorimetric Studies of Actin Labeled with Dansyl Aziridine.Lin, Tsung-Ijournal article
131983Fluorimetric Studies of Binding Interaction of Troponin with Tropomyosin林宗義; Dowben, R. M.; Lin, Tsung-I; Dowben, R. M.journal article
141978Fluorimetric Studies of Tropomyosin and Actin Labeled with 3- Pyrenemaleimide.林宗義; Ford, C.; Dowben, R. M.; Lin, Tsung-I; Ford, C.journal article
152007Force unfolding kinetics of RNA using optical tweezers. I. Effects of experimental variables on measured resultsWen, J.-D.; Manosas, M.; Li, P.T.X.; Smith, S.B.; Bustamante, C.; Ritort, F.; Tinoco Jr.; I.; JIN-DER WEN journal article9898
162007Force unfolding kinetics of RNA using optical tweezers. II. Modeling experimentsManosas, M.; Wen, J.-D.; Li, P.T.X.; Smith, S.B.; Bustamante, C.; Tinoco Jr.; I.; Ritort, F.; JIN-DER WEN journal article4950
172004Forward and Reverse Motion of Single RecBCD Molecules on DNAPerkins, T.T.; Li, H.-W.; Dalal, R.V.; Gelles, J.; Block, S.M.; HUNG-WEN LI journal article122114
181999Homology Modeling of Cephalopod Lens S-Crystallin: A Natural Mutant of Sigma-Class Glutathione Transferase with Diminished Endogenous ActivityChuang, Chyh-Chong; Wu, Shih-Hsiung; Chiou, Shyh-Horng; Chang, Gu-Gang1717
191976In Vitro Conformational Behavior of Bovine Cardiac Regulatory Proteins.林宗義; Cassim, J. Y.; Lin, Tsung-I; Cassim, J. Y.journal article
202006Investigating Mechanisms of Collagen Thermal Denaturation by High Resolution Second-Harmonic Generation ImagingSun, Yen; Chen, Wei-Liang; Lin, Sung-Jan ; Jee, Shiou-Hwa ; Chen, Yang-Fang ; Lin, Ling-Chih; So, Peter T.C.; Dong, Chen-Yuan 108104