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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
11995A method for determining the CP violating phase γDeshp; e, N.G.; He, X.-G.; XIAO-GANG HE Physical Review Letters 4140
22002A spectra in 11.6A GeV/c Au-Au collisionsStathes Paganis Physical Review Letters 75
32005Ab initio calculation of the intrinsic spin hall effect in semiconductorsGUANG-YU GUO Physical Review Letters 128125
42003ab plane ac conductivity in the cuprates: Pseudogap effects below T-cYING-JER KAO Physical Review Letters 19
52012Absence of three-loop four-point ultraviolet divergences in n=4 supergravityYU-TIN HUANG Physical Review Letters 112107
62006Anomalous hall effect in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/SrTiO3 superlattices: Hopping transport and a probe of dimensionalityWang, L.M.; LI-MIN WANG Physical Review Letters 2119
72014Boson peak in deeply cooled confined water: A possible way to explore the existence of the liquid-to-liquid transition in waterWang, Z.; CHUNG-YUAN MOUet al. Physical Review Letters 2525
82007Can surfactant be present at pinch-off of a liquid filament?Xu, Q.; Liao, Y.-C.; Basaran, O.A.; YING-CHIH LIAO Physical Review Letters 2625
92004Charge-orbital ordering and verwey transition in magnetiteGUANG-YU GUO Physical Review Letters 253244
102006Charge-orbital ordering and verwey transition in magnetite measured by resonant soft x-ray scatteringGUANG-YU GUO Physical Review Letters 9391
112012Chemical composition tuning of the anomalous hall effect in isoelectronic L1 0FePd 1-xPt x alloy filmsGUANG-YU GUO Physical Review Letters 8684
122006Coherence in the B800 ring of purple bacteria LH2CHENG, YC; SILBEY, RJ; YUAN-CHUNG CHENG Physical Review Letters 144135
132000Coherent Acoustic Phonon Oscillations in Semiconductor Multiple Quantum Wells with Piezoelectric FieldsCHI-KUANG SUN ; Liang, J.-C.; Yu, X.-Y.Physical Review Letters 273
142000Coherent acoustic phonon oscillations in semiconductor multiple-quantum-wells with piezoelectric fieldsSun, C.-K.; Liang, J.-C.; Yu, X.-Y.Physical Review Letters 
152000Coherent acoustic phonon oscillations in semiconductor multiple-quantum-wells with piezoelectric fieldsSun, Chi-Kuang ; Liang, Jian-Chin; Yu, Xiang-YangPhysical Review Letters 
162002Colossal paramagnetic moments in metallic carbon nanotoriGUANG-YU GUO Physical Review Letters 124112
172014Consistency conditions for gauge theory S matrices from requirements of generalized unitarityYU-TIN HUANG Physical Review Letters 99
182000Constraints on the Phase γ and New Physics from B → K π DecaysXIAO-GANG HE Physical Review Letters 31
192008Convergence of the chiral expansion in two-flavor lattice QCDNoaki, J.; TING-WAI CHIUet al. Physical Review Letters 8054
201998Cosmic-string-seeded structure formationAvelino, P.P.; Shellard, E.P.S.; Wu, J.H.P.; Allen, B.; JIUN-HUEI PROTY WU Physical Review Letters 4246