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12005A study on the dual emissions of organic light emitting devicesChow, T.J.; Tsai, S.-H.; Chiu, C.-W.; Yeh, T.-S.; CHING-WEN CHIU Synthetic Metals 1012
22010Chemical synthesis of poly(aniline-co-o/m-toluidine)/V2O5 nano composites and their characterizationsJeyakumari, J.Juliet Latha; Yelilarasi, A.; Sundaresan, B.; Dhanalakshmi, V.; Anbarasan, R.Synthetic Metals 88
32009Dendronized organic-inorganic nonlinear optical hybrid materials with homogeneous morphologyChen, Y.-C.; Yang, Y.-J.; Juang, T.-Y.; Chan, L.-H.; Dai, S.A.; Chen, F.M.C.; Su, W.-C.; Jeng, R.-J.; RU-JONG JENG Synthetic Metals 44
42001Dynamical study on the self-trapping excitons in conjugated polymers under electric fieldsGUANG-YU GUO Synthetic Metals 00
52001Energy transfer from poly(2-carboxyphenylene-1,4-diyl) to poly(p-phenylene vinylene) in bilayer films and its effects on luminescent propertiesCheng, Horng-Long; Lin, King-FuSynthetic Metals 
62010Environmental responses of polyaniline inverse opals: Application to gas sensingYang, Ling-Yueh; Liau, Wen-Bin Synthetic Metals 97
72004High contrast ratio organic light-emitting devices based on CuPC as electron transport materialLee, Jiun-Haw; Liao, Chi-Chih; Hu, Pier-Jy; Chang, Yih; JIUN-HAW LEE Synthetic Metals 4440
82008High dielectric constant polyaniline/poly(acrylic acid) composites prepared by in situ polymerizationHo, Chao-Hsien; Liu, Cheng-Dar; Hsieh, Chia-Hung; Hsieh, Kuo-Huang ; Lee, Sung-NungSynthetic Metals 
91997Interpenetrating polymer networks of polyaniline and maleimide-terminated polyurethanesLiao, D.C.; Hsieh, K.H.; Chern, Y.C.; Ho, K.S.Synthetic Metals 
101992Interpreting the dispersion of χ(3)(-3ω; ω, ω, ω) of polythiophenesMeth, J.S.; Vanherzeele, H.; Chen, W.-C.; Jenekhe, S.A.; WEN-CHANG CHEN Synthetic Metals 1010
111996Magnetic properties of isomeric N,N′-di-(2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidin-1-oxyl-4-yl)xylyl imineTien, Mong-Jong; Lee, Gene-Shiang; Wang, Yu; Ho, Tong-IngSynthetic Metals 
122001Miscibility of poly(thiophene-3-acetic acid) and poly(ethylene oxide)Hsieh, K. H.; Ho, K. S.; Wang, Y. Z.; Ko, S. D.; Fu, S. C.Synthetic Metals 
131995Molecular Orbital Calculations of Electronic Excited States of PPVYu, J.; Fann, W. S.; Kao, F. J.; Yang, D. Y.; 林聖賢; Yu, J.; Fann, W. S.; Kao, F. J.; Lin, Sheng-HsienSynthetic Metals 
142009New indole-carbazole hybrids as glass-forming high-triplet-energy materialsKirkus, M.; Tsai, Ming-Han; Grazulevicius, J. V.; Wu, Chung-Chih; Chi, Liang-Chen; Wong, Ken-Tsung; CHUNG-CHIH WU ; KEN-TSUNG WONG Synthetic Metals 3031
152010Optical responses of polyaniline inverse opals to chemicalsYang, Ling-Yueh; Liau, Wen-Bin Synthetic Metals 77
162010Optimization of the active-layer morphology with a non-halogenic solvent for bulk-heterojunction polymer solar cellsLin, Ching; Pan, Wen-Chueh; Tsai, Feng-Yu Synthetic Metals 89
172011Optimizing hole-injection in organic electroluminescent devices by modifying CuPc/NPB interfaceJiang, M. D.; Lee, P. Y.; Chiu, T. L.; Lin, H. C.; Lee, J. H.; JIUN-HAW LEE Synthetic Metals 1011
182011Polymer infrared photo-detector with high sensitivity up to 1100 nmChen, E.-C.; Tseng, S.-R.; Chao, Y.-C.; Meng, H.-F.; Wang, C.-F.; Chen, W.-C.; Hsu, C.-S.; Horng, S.-F.; WEN-CHANG CHEN Synthetic Metals 1717
191999Polyurethane-based conducting polymer blends: I. Effect of chain extenderHo, K. S.; Hsieh, K. H.; Huang, S. K.; Hsieh, T. H.Synthetic Metals 
202005Preparation and characterization of nanosized Pt/Au particles on TiO2-nanotubesChien, Shu-Hua; Liou, Yuh-Cherng; Kuo, Ming-ChihSynthetic Metals