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120081 nm equivalent oxide thickness in Ga 2 O 3 (Gd 2 O 3)/In 0.2 Ga 0.8 As metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitorsShiu, KH; Chiang, TH; Chang, P; Tung, LT; Hong, M; Kwo, J; Tsai, W; MINGHWEI HONG Applied Physics Letters 
220052 GHz repetition-rate femtosecond blue sources by second harmonic generation in a resonantly enhanced cavityCHI-KUANG SUN Applied Physics Letters 78
320094.3 GHz optical bandwidth light emitting transistorWalter, G.; Wu, C.H.; Then, H.W.; Feng, M.; Holonyak, N.; CHAO-HSIN WU Applied Physics Letters 5739
42012A combined first principle calculations and experimental study on the spin-polarized band structure of Co-doped PbPdO<inf>2</inf>Chen, S.W.; Huang, S.C.; Guo, G.Y.; Chiang, S.; Lee, J.M.; Chen, S.A.; Haw, S.C.; Lu, K.T.; Chen, J.M.; GUANG-YU GUO Applied Physics Letters 1012
51991A periodic index separate confinement heterostructure quantum well laserWu, MC; Chen, YK; Hong, M; Mannaerts, JP; Chin, MA; Sergent, AM; MINGHWEI HONG Applied Physics Letters 
62008A single-layer permeation barrier for organic light-emitting displaysI-CHUN CHENG ; Mandlik, Prashant; Gartside, Jonathan; Han, Lin; Cheng, I-Chun ; Wagner, Sigurd; Silvernail, Jeff A.; Ma, Rui-Qing; Hack, Michael; Brown, Julie J.Applied Physics Letters 7159
72014A universal, easy-to-apply light-quality index based on natural light spectrum resemblanceJou, J.-H.; Chou, K.-Y.; Yang, F.-C.; Agrawal, A.; Chen, S.-Z.; Tseng, J.-R.; Lin, C.-C.; Chen, P.-W.; Wong, K.-T.; Chi, Y.; KEN-TSUNG WONG Applied Physics Letters 2627
81992Accelerated Bulk Synthesis of Caxy1-XBa2Cu40Y(X=0, 0.1) by Molten SilverYu, Hon-Da; Wei, S. H.; 吳乃立 ; Yu, Hon-Da; Wei, S. H.; Wu, Nae-Lih Applied Physics letters 
92008Achieving Three-Peak White Organic Light-Emitting Devices Using Wavelength-Selective Mirror ElectrodesYin-Jui Lu; Chih-Hao Chang; Chun-Liang Lin; Chung-Chih Wu; Hsiang-Lun Hsu; Liang-Jyi Chen; Yu-Ting Lin; Ryuji Nishikawa; CHUNG-CHIH WU Applied Physics Letters 2019
102006Adjustable pretilt angle of nematic 4- n -pentyl- 4′ -cyanobiphenyl on self-assembled monolayers formed from organosilanes on square-wave grating silica surfacesChiou, D.-R.; Yeh, K.-Y.; Chen, L.-J.; LI-JEN CHEN Applied Physics Letters 3026
112012Air-guided photonic-crystal-fiber pulse-compression delivery of multimegawatt femtosecond laser output for nonlinear-optical imaging and neurosurgeryCHI-KUANG SUN Applied Physics Letters 1311
122006Al0.15Ga0.85N/GaN high electron mobility transistor structures grown on p-type Si substratesCHI-TE LIANG Applied Physics Letters 1112
131993Alloy scattering limited transport of two-dimensional carriers in strained Si<inf>1-x</inf>Ge<inf>x</inf> quantum wellsVenkataraman, V.; Liu, C.W.; Sturm, J.C.; CHEE-WEE LIU Applied Physics Letters 3129
142007Amorphous ZnO Transparent Thin-Film Transistors Fabricated by Fully Lithographic and Etching ProcessesHsing-Hung Hsieh; CHUNG-CHIH WU Applied Physics Letters 131105
152004An effective cathode structure for inverted top-emitting organic light-emitting devicesC.-W. Chen; C.-L. Lin; C.-C. Wu; CHUNG-CHIH WU Applied Physics Letters 9785
162005An effective connecting architecture for tandem organic light-emitting devicesC.-W. Chen; Y.-J. Lu; C.-C. Wu; E. H.-E. Wu; C.-W. Chu; Y. Yang; CHUNG-CHIH WU Applied Physics Letters 169148
172012An electrically switchable surface free energy on a liquid crystal and polymer composite filmLin, Y.-H.; Chu, T.-Y.; Tsou, Y.-S.; Chang, K.-H.; Chiu, Y.-P.; YA-PING CHIU Applied Physics Letters 2217
182009An oleic acid-capped CdSe quantum-dot sensitized solar cellChen, Jing; Song, J. L.; Sun, X. W.; Deng, W. Q.; Jiang, C. Y.; Lei, W.; Huang, J. H.; Liu, R. S.; RU-SHI LIU Applied Physics Letters 135118
192013An optically detectable CO2 sensor utilizing polyethylenimine and starch functionalized InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wellsYANG-FANG CHEN Applied Physics Letters 66
202014Analysis of different tunneling mechanisms of InxGa1-xAs/AlGaAs tunnel junction light-emitting transistorsWu, C.-H.; Wu, C.-H.; CHAO-HSIN WU Applied Physics Letters 33