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12005231Pa and 230Th in surface sediments of the Arctic Ocean: Implications for 231Pa/230Th fractionation, boundary scavenging, and advective exportMoran, S.B.; Shen, C.-C.; Edwards, R.L.; Edmonds, H.N.; Scholten, J.C.; Smith, J.N.; Ku, T.-L.; CHUAN-CHOU SHEN Earth and Planetary Science Letters 3331
21987Age of the Archean Talga-Talga Subgroup, Pilbara Block, Western Australia, and early evolution of the mantle: new SmNd isotopic evidenceBOR-MING JAHN Earth and Planetary Science Letters 9392
32002Age of the Emeishan flood magmatism and relations to Permian-Triassic boundary eventsLo, C.-H.; Chung, S.-L.; Lee, T.-Y.; Wu, G.; SUN-LIN CHUNG ; CHING-HUA LO Earth and Planetary Science Letters 215195
42002Age of the Emeishan flood magmatism and relations to Permian–Triassic boundary eventsLo, Ching-Hua ; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Lee, Tung-Yi; Wu, GenyaoEarth and Planetary Science Letters 
52005An evaluation of quantitative reconstruction of past precipitation records using coral skeletal Sr/Ca and δ18O dataShen, C.-C.; Lee, T.; Liu, K.-K.; Hsu, H.-H.; Edwards, R.L.; Wang, C.-H.; Lee, M.-Y.; Chen, Y.-G.; Lee, H.-J.; Sun, H.-T.; CHUAN-CHOU SHEN ; YUE-GAU CHEN Earth and Planetary Science Letters 5252
61975Basalt Andesite Rhyolite H2O:Crystallization Intervals with Excess H20 and H20 Undersaturated Liquidus Surfaces to 35 Kilobars, with Implications for Magma GenesisStern, C. R.; Huang, W. L.; Wyllie, P. J.Earth and Planetary Science Letters 
72014Constraints from loess on the Hf-Nd isotopic composition of the upper continental crustBOR-MING JAHN Earth and Planetary Science Letters 136138
82007Contemporary deformation of tectonic escape in SW Taiwan from GPS observations, 1995-2005Ching, K.-E.; Rau, R.-J.; Lee, J.-C.; Hu, J.-C.; JYR-CHING HU Earth and Planetary Science Letters 5652
92007Contemporary deformation of tectonic escape in SW Taiwan from GPS observations, 1995–2005Ching, Kuo-En; Rau, Ruey-Juin; Lee, Jian-Cheng; Hu, Jyr-Ching Earth and Planetary Science Letters 
102013Crustal accretion in the Manila trench accretionary wedge at the transition from subduction to mountain-building in TaiwanLester, R.; McIntosh, K.; Van Avendonk, H.J.A.; Lavier, L.; Liu, C.-S.; Wang, T.K.; CHAR-SHINE LIU Earth and Planetary Science Letters 5954
112013Decadal changes in the mid-depth water mass dynamic of the Northeastern Atlantic margin (Bay of Biscay)Montero-Serrano, J.-C.; Frank, N.; Tisn{\\'e; CHUAN-CHOU SHEN Earth and Planetary Science Letters 2323
121997Deep sea and lake records of the Southeast Asian paleomonsoons for the last 25 thousand yearsHuang, Chi-Yue; Liew, Ping-Mei; Zhao, Meixun; Chang, Tzu-Chun; Kuo, Chao-Ming; Chen, Min-Te; Wang, Chung-Ho; Zheng, Lian-FuEarth and Planetary Science Letters 
131984Denitrification Rates and Availability of Organic Matter in Marine Environments劉康克; Kaplan, I. R.; Liu, Kon-Kee; Kaplan, I. R.Earth and Planetary Science Letters 
142002Dissolved and particulate 231Pa and 230Th in the Atlantic Ocean: Constraints on intermediate/deep water age, boundary scavenging, and 231Pa/230Th fractionationCHUAN-CHOU SHEN Earth and Planetary Science Letters 7675
152002Dissolved and particulate 231Pa and 230Th in the Atlantic Ocean: constraints on intermediate/deep water age, boundary scavenging, and 231Pa/230Th fractionationMoran, S.B.; Shen, C.-C.; Edmonds, H.N.; Weinstein, S.E.; Smith, J.N.; Edwards, R.L.Earth and Planetary Science Letters 
162014Dissolved hydrogen and methane in the oceanic basaltic biosphereHUEI-TING LIN Earth and Planetary Science Letters 3534
172019Dissolved organic carbon in basalt-hosted deep subseafloor fluids of the Juan de Fuca Ridge flankHUEI-TING LIN ; Repeta, Daniel J.; Xu, Li; Rappé, Michael S.Earth and Planetary Science Letters 1111
182002Dynamic interaction of cold anomalies with the mid-ocean ridge flow field and its implications for the Australian–Antarctic DiscordanceLin, Shu-Chuan; Chiao, Ling-Yun ; Kuo, Ban-YuanEarth and Planetary Science Letters 1211
192010Eocene north-south trending dikes in central Tibet: New constraints on the timing of east-west extension with implications for early plateau uplift?SUN-LIN CHUNG ; Wang, Qiang; Wyman, Derek A.; Li, Zheng-Xiang; Sun, Weidong; Chung, Sun-Lin ; Vasconcelos, Paulo M.; Zhang, Qiyue; Dong, Han; Yu, Yuanshan; Pearson, N.; Qiu, Huanning; Zhu, Tongxing; Feng, XintaoEarth and Planetary Science Letters 111107
202014Eolian dust input to the Subarctic North PacificSerno, S.; Winckler, G.; erson, R.F.; Hayes, C.T.; McGee, D.; Machalett, B.; Ren, H.; Straub, S.M.; Gersonde, R.; Haug, G.H.; HAO-JIA REN Earth and Planetary Science Letters 6260