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12009A laboratory study on groundwater quality and mass movement occurrenceFan, J.-C.; Liu, C.-H.; Yang, C.-H.; Huang, H.-Y.; Fan, Jen-Chen; Liu, Che-Hsin; Yang, Chih-Hsiang; Huang, Hsiao-Yu; Fan, Jen-Chen Environmental Geology 42
22005An optimal procedure for identifying parameter structure and application to a confined aquiferTung, C.-P.; Tan, C.-C.; Tung, Ching-Pin; Tan, Chung-Che; CHING-PIN TUNG Environmental Geology 1210
32001Characterization of soil lead by comparing sequential Gaussian simulation, simulated annealing simulation and kriging methodsLin, Y.-P.; Chang, T.-K.; Teng, T.-P.; Lin, Yu-Pin ; YU-PIN LIN ; Chang, Tsun-Kuo; TSUN-KUO CHANG ; Teng, Tung-PoEnvironmental Geology 5951
42004Composition and exhalation flux of gases from mud volcanoes in TaiwanYang, Tsanyao Frank; Yeh, Gao-Hua; Fu, Ching-Chou; Wang, Cheng-Chen; Lan, Te-Fang; Lee, Hsiao-Fen; Chen, Cheng-Hong; Walia, Vivek; Sung, Quo-ChengEnvironmental Geology 
52006Designing an optimal multivariate geostatistical groundwater quality monitoring network using factorial kriging and genetic algorithmsYeh, M.-S.; Lin, Y.-P.; Chang, L.-C.; YU-PIN LIN ; Yeh, Ming-Sheng; Lin, Yu-Pin ; Chang, Liang-ChengEnvironmental Geology 4845
62003Dissolved oxygen and nitrate of groundwater in Choshui Fan-Delta, western TaiwanChen, Wen-Fu; Liu, Tsung-KweiEnvironmental Geology 4540
72002Factorial and indicator kriging methods using a geographic information system to delineate spatial variation and pollution sources of soil heavy metalsLin, Y.-P.; Chang, T.-K.; Shih, C.-W.; Tseng, C.-H.; YU-PIN LIN ; Lin, Yu-Pin ; TSUN-KUO CHANG ; Chang, Tsun-Kuo; Shih, Chiung-Wen; Tseng, Chen-HuiEnvironmental Geology 5855
82001Geological factors for hazardous debris flows in Hoser, central TaiwanChen, Hongey ; HONGEY CHEN ; Su, Ding-YiEnvironmental Geology 2524
92000Geostatical approach for identification of transmissivity structure at Dulliu area in TaiwanLin, Y.-P.; Lee, C.-C.; Tan, Y.-C.; YIH-CHI TAN ; Lin, Yu-Pin ; Lee, Chi-Chun; Tan, Y.-C.Environmental Geology 99
102004Geostatistical method to delineate anomalies of multi-scale spatial variation in hydrogeological changes due to the ChiChi earthquake in the ChouShui River alluvial fan in TaiwanLin, Y.-B.; Tan, Y.-C.; Lin, Y.-P.; Liu, C.-W.; Hung, C.-J.; CHEN-WUING LIU ; Lin, Yun-Bin; Tan, Yih-Chi ; YU-PIN LIN ; YIH-CHI TAN ; Lin, Yu-Pin ; Liu, Chen-Wuing ; Hung, Chien-JenEnvironmental Geology 1212
111997Hydrogeological investigation of a groundwater contamination site in southern TaiwanCHEN-WUING LIU Environmental Geology 22
122001Identifying spatial characteristics of transmissivity using simulated annealing and kriging methodsLin, Y.-P.; Tan, Y.-C.; Rouhani, S.; Lin, Yu-Pin ; YU-PIN LIN ; Tan, Yih-Chi ; YIH-CHI TAN ; Rouhani, ShahrokhEnvironmental Geology 2121
132003Improving groundwater-flow modeling using optimal zoning methodsTung, C.-P.; Tang, C.-C.; Lin, Y.-P.; YU-PIN LIN ; Tung, Ching-Pin ; CHING-PIN TUNG ; Tang, Chung-Che; Lin, Yu-Pin Environmental Geology 1312
142004The Inspection of Triggering Mechanism for a Hazardous Mudflow in an Urbanized TerritoryChen, H.; Chen, R. H.; Yu, F. C.; Chen, W. S.; Hung, J. J.Environmental Geology 
152002Lipids in suspended matter from the human-disturbed Lanyang River, northeastern TaiwanJeng, Woei-Lih; Kao, Shuh-JiEnvironmental Geology 
162007Modeling and assessing land-use and hydrological processes to future land-use and climate change scenarios in watershed land-use planningLin, Y.-P.; Hong, N.-M.; Wu, P.-J.; Lin, C.-J.; YU-PIN LIN ; Lin, Yu-Pin ; Hong, Nien-Ming; Wu, Pei-Jung; Lin, Chien-Ju Environmental Geology 7869
172002Multivariate geostatistical methods to identify and map spatial variations of soil heavy metalsLin, Y.-P.; YU-PIN LIN Environmental Geology 9481
182009Simulation of a Slope Failure Induced by Rainfall InfiltrationChen, R. H.; Chen, H. P.; Chen, K. S.; Zhung, H. B.Environmental Geology 4533
192006Study of stable isotopes for highly deformed aquifers in the Hsinchu-Miaoli area, TaiwanLu, Hsueh-Yu; Peng, Tsung-Ren; Liu, Tsung-Kwei; Wang, Chung-Ho; Huang, Chih-ChaoEnvironmental Geology 
202001The effect of clay dehydration on land subsidence in the Yun-Lin coastal area, TaiwanLiu, C.-W.; Lin, W.-S.; Shang, C.; Liu, S.-H.; CHEN-WUING LIU Environmental Geology 3931