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12006A correlation between the b -value and the fractal dimension from the aftershock sequence of the 1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan, earthquakeChien-Chih Chen; Wei-Chien Wang; Young-Fo Chang; Yih-Min Wu; Yuan-Hsi Lee; YIH-MIN WU Geophysical Journal International 3234
22016A lithospheric profile across northern Taiwan: From arc-continent collision to extensionVan Avendonk, H.J.A.; McIntosh, K.D.; Kuo-Chen, H.; Lavier, L.L.; Okaya, D.A.; Wu, F.T.; Wang, C.-Y.; Lee, C.-S.; Liu, C.-S.; CHAR-SHINE LIU Geophysical Journal International 715
32013A seismological study of landquakes using a real-time broad-band seismic networkChen, C.-H.; Chao, W.-A.; Wu, Y.-M.; Zhao, L.; Chen, Y.-G.; Ho, W.-Y.; Lin, T.-L; Kuo, K.-H.; Chang, J.-M.; YIH-MIN WU ; YUE-GAU CHEN Geophysical Journal International 3136
42010Array-conditioned deconvolution of multiple-component teleseismic recordingsCHIN-WU CHEN Geophysical Journal International 
52006A correlation between the b-value and the fractal dimension from the aftershock sequence of the 1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan, earthquakeChen, Chien-Chih; Wang, Wei-Chien; Chang, Young-Fo; Wu, Yih-Min ; Lee, Yuan-HsiGeophysical Journal International 3234
62007Coseismic deformation revealed by inversion of strong motion and GPS data: The 2003 Chengkung earthquake in eastern TaiwanHu, J.-C.; Hu, Jyr-Ching ; YIH-MIN WU ; YUE-GAU CHENet al. Geophysical Journal International 3130
72004Crustal structure of the southernmost Ryukyu subduction zone: OBS, MCS and gravity modellingWang, T.K.; Lin, S.-F.; Liu, C.-S.; Wang, C.-S.; CHAR-SHINE LIU Geophysical Journal International 3437
82007Determination of earthquake early warning parameters, τ c and P d , for southern CaliforniaYih-Min Wu; Hiroo Kanamori; Richard M. Allen; Egill Hauksson; YIH-MIN WU Geophysical Journal International 117115
92007Determination of earthquake early warning parameters, τc and Pd, for southern CaliforniaWu, Yih-Min ; Kanamori, Hiroo; Allen, Richard M.; Hauksson, EgillGeophysical Journal International 
102010Effects of pressure on pore characteristics and permeability of porous rocks as estimated from seismic wave velocities in cores from TCDP Hole-ASHENG-RONG SONG ; Kitamura, Keigo; Takahashi, Miki; Mizoguchi, Kazuo; Masuda, Koji; Ito, Hisao; Song, Sheng-Rong Geophysical Journal International 26
112012Elastic anisotropy of core samples from the Taiwan Chelungpu Fault Drilling Project (TCDP): Direct 3-D measurements and weak anisotropy approximationsSHENG-RONG SONG Geophysical Journal International 57
122014High-resolution seismic array imaging based on an SEM-FK hybrid methodCHIN-WU CHEN Geophysical Journal International 
132004Hypocentre determination offshore of eastern Taiwan using the Maximum Intersection methodFont, Yvonne; Kao, Honn; Lallemand, Serge; Liu, Char-Shine ; Chiao, Ling-Yun Geophysical Journal International 94119
142010Identification of earthquake signals from groundwater level records using the HHT method林人傑; Chen, Chieh-Hung; YEEPING CHIA ; Wang, Chung-Ho; 季瑋珠; Liu, Jann-Yenq; LIN, JEN-CHIEH; CHIE, WEI-CHU; Liu, Chen; Liang, Wen-Tzong; Yen, Horng-Yuan; Yeh, Yih-Hsiung; Chia, Yee-Ping; Wang, YetmenGeophysical Journal International 2425
152013Imaging source slip distribution by the back-projection of P-wave amplitudes from strong-motion records: a case study for the 2010 Jiasian, Taiwan, earthquakeYIH-MIN WU Geophysical Journal International 33
162008Implications of coseismic groundwater level changes observed at multiple-well monitoring stationsChia, Y.; Chiu, J.J.; Chiang, Y.-H.; Lee, T.-P.; Wu, Y.-M.; Horng, M.-J.; Chia, Yeeping ; YIH-MIN WU ; YEEPING CHIA ; Wu, Yih-Min Geophysical Journal International 2119
172009Improved seismic tomography offshore northeastern Taiwan: Implications for subduction and collision processes between Taiwan and the southernmost RyukyuWu, Y.-M.; Shyu, J.B.H.; Chang, C.-H.; Zhao, L.; Nakamura, M.; Hsu, S.-K.; Wu, Yih-Min ; J. BRUCE H. SHYU Geophysical Journal International 5668
182014Induced transtensional earthquakes after the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake in the compressional collision belt of western TaiwanT. T.-Y. Lee; C.-H. Chan; J. B. H. Shyu; Y.-M. Wu; H.-H. Huang; J. BRUCE H. SHYU ; YIH-MIN WU Geophysical Journal International 12
192017Intrinsic Noise Level of Noise Cross-Correlation Functions and its Implication to Source Population of Ambient noisesLING-YUN CHIAO Geophysical Journal International 33
202005Lake level variations in China from TOPEX/Poseidon altimetry: Data quality assessment and links to precipitation and ENSOHwang, C.; Peng, M.-F.; Ning, J.; Luo, J.; Sui, C.-H.; CHUNG-HSIUNG SUI Geophysical Journal International 5051