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12003A microstructure study of post-growth thermally annealed InGaN/GaN quantum well structures of various well widthsLin, Y.-S.; Ma, K.-J.; Chung, Y.-Y.; Feng, S.-W.; Cheng, Y.-C.; Lin, E.-C.; Yang, C.C.; Kuo, C.-T.; Tsang, J.-S.; CHIH-CHUNG YANG Journal of Crystal Growth 
22007A novel approach of using a MBE template for ALD growth of high-$κ$ dielectricsLee, KY; Lee, WC; Huang, ML; Chang, CH; Lee, YJ; Chiu, YK; Wu, TB; Hong, M; Kwo, R; MINGHWEI HONG Journal of Crystal Growth 
31991A simple way to reduce series resistance in p-doped semiconductor distributed Bragg reflectorsHong, M; Mannaerts, JP; Hong, JM; Fischer, RJ; Tai, K; Kwo, J; V; enberg, JM; Wang, YH; Gamelin, J; MINGHWEI HONG Journal of Crystal Growth 
42011Achieving very high drain current of 1.23 mA/$μ$m in a 1-$μ$m-gate-length self-aligned inversion-channel MBE-Al 2 O 3/Ga 2 O 3 (Gd 2 O 3)/In 0.75 Ga 0.25 As MOSFETLin, TD; Chang, P; Wu, YD; Chiu, HC; Kwo, J; Hong, M; MINGHWEI HONG Journal of Crystal Growth 
52003Advances in high $κ$ gate dielectrics for Si and III-V semiconductorsKwo, J; Hong, M; Busch, B; Muller, DA; Chabal, YJ; Kortan, AR; Mannaerts, JP; Yang, B; Ye, P; Gossmann, H; others; MINGHWEI HONG Journal of Crystal Growth 
61997Assessment of mathematical models for the flow in directional solidificationLu, Jay W.; Chen, Falin Journal of Crystal Growth 
71998Bifurcation and stability analyses of horizontal Bridgman crystal growth of a low Prandtl number materialLan, C. W.; Chen, M. K.; Liang, M. C.; LanCW Journal of Crystal Growth 
82001Blueshift of photoluminescence peak in ten periods InAs quantum dots superlatticeLin, R.-M.; Lee, S.-C.; Lin, H.-H.; Dai, Y.-T.; Chen, Y.-F.; HAO-HSIUNG LIN ; Lee, Si-Chen ; YANG-FANG CHEN Journal of Crystal Growth 
91981Characterization of FaAs epitaxial layers by low pressure MOVPE using TEG as Ga sourceChang, C.Y.; Su, Y.K.; Lee, M.K.; Chen, L.G.; Houng, M.P.; LIANG-GEE CHEN Journal of Crystal Growth 
102008Characterizing the thickness dependence of epitaxial GaN grown over GaN nanocolumns using X-ray diffractionShiao, W.-Y.; Tang, T.-Y.; Chen, Y.-S.; Averett, K.L.; Albrecht, J.D.; Yang, C.C.; CHIH-CHUNG YANG Journal of Crystal Growth 
111992Control of crystal habit and particle morphology of calcium sulfite hemihydrate crystalsChen, Pao-Chi; Tai, Clifford Y.; Shih, Shin-MinJournal of Crystal Growth 
122014Crack-free GaN deposition on Si substrate with temperature-graded AlN buffer growth and the emission characteristics of overgrown InGaN/GaN quantum wellsChen, C.-Y.; CHIH-CHUNG YANG et al. Journal of Crystal Growth 
131987Crystal growth kinetics of the two-step modelTai, Clifford Y.; Lin, Chiu-HsiungJournal of Crystal Growth 
141999Crystal growth kinetics of two-step growth process in liquid fluidized-bed crystallizersTai, Clifford Y.Journal of Crystal Growth 
152002Cubic GaN Grown on (001) GaAs substrate by RF plasma assisted gas source MBEL. W. Sung; H. H. Lin; C. T. Chia; HAO-HSIUNG LIN Journal of Crystal Growth 
162005Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Hsin Chu, 300, TaiwanLee, WC; Lee, YJ; Wu, YD; Chang, P; Huang, YL; Hsu, YL; Mannaerts, JP; Lo, RL; Chen, FR; Maikap, S; others; MINGHWEI HONG Journal of Crystal Growth 
172007Depletion-mode GaAs-based MOSFET with Ga 2 O 3 (Gd 2 O 3) as a gate dielectricTsai, PJ; Chu, LK; Chen, YW; Chiu, YN; Yang, HP; Chang, P; Kwo, J; Chi, J; Hong, M; MINGHWEI HONG Journal of Crystal Growth 
182009Depletion-mode In 0.2 Ga 0.8 As/GaAs MOSFET with molecular beam epitaxy grown Al 2 O 3/Ga 2 O 3 (Gd 2 O 3) as gate dielectricsLin, CA; Lin, TD; Chiang, TH; Chiu, HC; Chang, P; Hong, M; Kwo, J; MINGHWEI HONG Journal of Crystal Growth 
192006Depth dependence of optical property beyond the critical thickness of an InGaN filmTeng, C.-C.; Wang, H.-C.; Tang, T.-Y.; Lu, Y.-C.; Cheng, Y.-C.; Yang, C.C.; Ma, K.-J.; Wang, W.-M.; Hsu, C.-W.; Chen, L.C.; CHIH-CHUNG YANG Journal of Crystal Growth 
202005Depth-profile study of the electronic structures at Ga 2 O 3 (Gd 2 O 3) and Gd 2 O 3-GaN interfaces by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopyLay, TS; Liao, YY; Hung, Wei-Hsiu; Hong, M; Kwo, J; Mannaerts, JP; MINGHWEI HONG Journal of Crystal Growth