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120073-(9-Carbazolyl)carbazoles and 3,6-di(9-carbazolyl)cabazoles as effective host materials for efficient blue organic electrophosphorescenceM.-H. Tsai; Y.-H. Hong; C.-H. Chang; H.-C. Su; C.-C. Wu; A. Matoliukstyte; J. Simokaitiene; S. Grigalevicius; J. V. Grazulevicius; C.-P. Hsu; CHUNG-CHIH WU Advanced Materials 443427
22015A Flexible, Stretchable and Shape-Adaptive Approach for Versatile Energy Conversion and Self-Powered Biomedical MonitoringYang, P.-K.; Lin, L.; Yi, F.; Li, X.; Pradel, K.C.; Zi, Y.; Wu, C.-I.; He, J.-H.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, Z.L.; CHIH-I WU Advanced Materials 198199
32016A Metal-Insulator Transition of the Buried MnO2 Monolayer in Complex Oxide HeterostructureLiu, H.-J.; YA-PING CHIU et al. Advanced Materials 1516
42006A rapid prototyping approach to ag nanoparticle fabrication in the 10-100 nm rangeLiao, Wei-Ssu; Yang, Tinglu; Castellana, Edward T.; Kataoka, Sho; Cremer, Paul S.; WEI-SSU LIAO Advanced Materials 2217
52014Additive enhanced crystallization of solution-processed perovskite for highly efficient planar-heterojunction solar cellsLiang, P.-W.; Liao, C.-Y.; Chueh, C.-C.; Zuo, F.; Williams, S.T.; Xin, X.-K.; Lin, J.; Jen, A.K.-Y.; JIANG-JEN LIN Advanced Materials 12821261
62017An Arbitrary Color Light EmitterTan, W.-C.; Chen, Y.-C.; Liou, Y.-R.; Hu, H.-W.; Hofmann, M.; Chen, Y.-F.; Mario Hofmann Advanced Materials 21
72015An injectable, self-healing hydrogel to repair the central nervous systemTseng, T.-C.; Tao, L.; Hsieh, F.-Y.; Wei, Y.; Chiu, I.-M.; Hsu, S.-H.; SHAN-HUI HSU Advanced Materials 3820
82007Anomalous optical properties of InN nanobelts: evidence of surface band bending and photoelastic effectFu, S. P.; Yu, C. J.; Chen, T. T.; Hsu, G. M.; Chen, M. J.; Chen, L. C.; Chen, K. H.; Chen, Y. F.Advanced Materials 
92007Anomalous optical properties of InN nanobelts: Evidence of surface band bending and photoelastic effectsYANG-FANG CHEN Advanced Materials 1716
102011Atomic-scale evolution of local electronic structure across multiferroic domain wallsChiu, Y.-P.; YA-PING CHIU et al. Advanced Materials 8078
112003Biomimetic formation of porous single-crystalline CaCO3 via nanocrystal aggregationZhan, J.; Lin, H.-P.; Mou, C.-Y.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU Advanced Materials 125
122011Bipolar host materials: A chemical approach for highly efficient electrophosphorescent devicesChaskar, A.; Chen, H.-F.; Wong, K.-T.; KEN-TSUNG WONG Advanced Materials 469453
132016Bis-Tridentate Ir(III) Complexes with Nearly Unitary RGB Phosphorescence and Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with External Quantum Efficiency Exceeding 31%PI-TAI CHOU Advanced Materials 207202
142013Capture and stimulated release of circulating tumor cells on polymer-grafted silicon nanostructuresHou, S.; SHYH-CHYANG LUO et al. Advanced Materials 233199
152017Carbohydrate-Based Block Copolymer Thin Films: Ultrafast Nano-Organization with 7 nm Resolution Using Microwave EnergyLiao, Y.; Chen, W.-C. ; Borsali, R.Advanced Materials 2827
162005Chemical Synthesis of Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon (ta-C) Nanoballs from Graphitic Carbon NanocapsulesChu, Cheng-Che; Hwang, Gan-Ling; Chiou, J. W.; Tsai, Chien-Ying; Lin, Hsiu-Mei; Chang, C. S.; Pong, W. F.; Guo, J. H.; Chen, Ping-Hei; Luh, TieAdvanced Material 
172013Clean-lifting transfer of large-area residual-free graphene filmsCHI-TE LIANG Advanced Materials 154142
182016Control of the Metal-Insulator Transition at Complex Oxide Heterointerfaces through Visible LightLin, J.-C.; YA-PING CHIU et al. Advanced Materials 1212
192009Correlating nanomorphobgy with charge-transport anisotropy in conjugated-polymer thin filmsHuang, Y.-F.; WEN-CHANG CHEN et al. Advanced Materials 1111
202012Device engineering for highly efficient top-illuminated organic solar cells with microcavity structuresLin, H.-W.; Chiu, S.-W.; Lin, L.-Y.; Hung, Z.-Y.; Chen, Y.-H.; Lin, F.; Wong, K.-T.; KEN-TSUNG WONG Advanced Materials 8784