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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
11982A new variational theory for linear field problems and its application to electrostaticsSHYH-KANG JENG journal article00
21999A Self-Tuning Run-by-Run Process Controller for Processes subject to Random DisturbancesRUEY-SHAN GUO; S. Lu; A. Chen,; J. Chen; R. Guo; RUEY-SHAN GUO journal article54
31995A Wide-G Range Silicon Piezoresistive AccelerometerHsu, Yu-Wen; Lu, Shey-Shi ; Yang, Lung-Jieh; Chang, Pei-Zen journal article10
42001An abductive propositional logic for design reasoningLin, Feng-Tyan; Wang, Hung-Hsiangjournal article
52011abrication of flexible thin-film thermoelectric generatorsHsiao, Chun-Ching; Wu, Yi-Syuanjournal article97
61995Absorption Removal of Ammonia by Acidic Chemical Absorbent in the Presence of Soluble Surface Active Agents of IPAHwang, Dong‐Chi'r; Chang, Ching‐Yuan; Lien, Shin‐Tzejournal article00
71999Accuracy Test and Method Choice for Map DigitizationLin, Feng-Tyanjournal article
82006An Algorithm to Build Convex Hulls for 3-D ObjectsChen, Han-Ming ; Lin, Tzon-Hanjournal article
91998Analog Implementations and State-Space Realizations of Multivariable SystemsHuang, J. C.; Chang, F. R.journal article
102000Analysis of A Reinforced Slope Failure Induced by the Chi-Chi (Taiwan) EarthquakeChen, R. H.; Liu, C.N.; Chen, K. S.; Chen, T. C.journal article
111994Analysis of Alluvial Channel Bend李鴻源; Hsieh, K. C.; Lee, Hong-Yuan journal article
122003Analysis of Rigid Frame by Spline Collocation MethodWu, L.Y.; Chen, Y.T.journal article
132010Analysis of water waves passing over a submerged permeable obstacleHuang, Liang-Hsiung ; Lin, Meng-Yu; Chen, Hong-Wenjournal article00
141990An Application of an Expert System in Layout Compaction of VlSI DesignHsiao, P. Y.; 馮武雄; Chen, H. F.; Hsiao, P. Y.; Feng, Wu-Shiung; Chen, H. F.journal article
151986Application of Correlation and Spectral Analysis to Earthquake DataLoh, Chin-Hsiung journal article
161988Application of the Parameter Plane Method to the Design of a Digital Power System Stabilizer許源浴 ; Wu, C. J.; Hsu, Yuan-Yih journal article
171997The Application of V-Groove Slot Array Method to the Piezoresistive Pressure SensorsYang, Lung-Jieh; Chiang, Chen-Chia; Chang, Pei-Zen 
182003Assessment of Sludge Dewaterability Using Rheological PropertiesHou, Chia-Hung ; Li, Kung-Chehjournal article
192009Automated Tracking of Liquid Velocities in a Refractive Index Matched Porous MediumHuang, M. Y. F.; Huang, A. Y. L.; Chen, R. H.; Capart, H.journal article54
201990Bed Topography of Sand-Silt River Bends李鴻源; Tsai, W. H.; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Tsai, W. H.journal article00