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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12016A meta-analysis of diagnostic accuracy of three screening tools for insomniaLING-YIN CHANG Journal of Psychosomatic Research 2126
22012Contributions of diabetic macro-vascular complications and hip fracture to depression onset in elderly patients with diabetes: An 8-year population-based follow-up studyPan, Hsueh-Hsing; Li, Chung-Yi; Chen, Pei-Chun; Lee, Ming-Der; Liang, Chun-Yu; Hou, Wen-Hsuan; Wang, Kwua-YunJournal of Psychosomatic Research 1111
31999Development of a Chinese Chronic Illness-Related Stress Inventory for Primary CareLEUNG, KAI-KUEN; LUE, BEE-HORNG ; TANG, LI -YU; WU, EN-CHANGJOURNAL OF PSYCHOSOMATIC RESEARCH 
41999Development of a Chinese chronic illness-related stress inventory for primary careBEE-HORNG LUE Journal of Psychosomatic Research 88
51999Development of a chinese chronic illness–related stress inventory for primary careLeung, Kai-Kuen; Lue, Bee-Horng ; Tang, Li-Yu; Wu, En-ChangJournal of Psychosomatic Research 
62014Familiality and clinical outcomes of sleep disturbances in major depressive and bipolar disordersHSI-CHUNG CHEN ; PO-HSIU KUOJournal of Psychosomatic Research 2220
72012Latent class analysis of eating and impulsive behavioral symptoms in Taiwanese women with bulimia nervosaMEI-CHIH MEG TSENG ; Tseng, Mei-Chih Meg ; Hu, Fu-ChangJournal of Psychosomatic Research 118
82017Sleep disturbances in fibromyalgiaA meta-analysis of case-control studiesLING-YIN CHANG Journal of Psychosomatic Research 2124
92013The influence of age on the distribution of self-rated health, burnout and their associations with psychosocial work conditionsYAWEN CHENG Journal of Psychosomatic Research 2524