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12003A randomized trial comparing intravesical instillations of mitoxantrone and doxorubicin in patients with superficial bladder cancerHuang, J.-S.; Chen, W.H.; Lin, C.-C.; Liaw, C.-C.; Wang, C.-H.; Lan, Y.-J.; Lai, C.-H.; Liu, J.-P.; JEN-PEI LIU Chang Gung Medical Journal 
22008Acoustic study in Mandarin-speaking children: Developmental changes in vowel productionKEH-CHUNG LINChang Gung Medical Journal 
32008Airway Function and Respiratory Resistance in Taiwanese Coal Workers with Simple PneumoconiosisYang, Shieh Chin; Lin, Yu-FanChang Gung Medical Journal 
41991The Analysis of Plain Film Presentation and Bone Age of AchondroplasiaLin, S. C.; 李瑤華; Wang, T. R.; Li, Yiu-Wah; Wang, T. R.Chang Gung Medical Journal 
52007Analysis of senior medical students' preferences in specialty choice a survey in a medical school in northern TaiwanYUAN-HUEI HUANG Chang Gung Medical Journal 
61985Anterior Urethra Valve As a Rare Cause of Chornic Renal FailureChen, W. H.; Chu, P. L.; Chang, S. H.; 賴明坤; Chen, W. H.; Chang, S. H.; Lai, Ming-KuenChang Gung Medical Journal 
71987Anti-B Lymphocytotoxic Antibodies and Renal Transplant Outcome賴明坤; Kao, S.; Lai, Ming-KuenChang Gung Medical Journal 
82010Brain reorganization after bilateral arm training and distributed constraint-induced therapy in stroke patients: A preliminary functional magnetic resonance imaging studyKEH-CHUNG LINChang Gung Medical Journal 
92008Combined use of capsule endoscopy and double-balloon enteroscopy in patients with obscure gastrointestinal bleedingLin, T.-N.; Su, M.-Y.; Hsu, C.-M.; Lin, W.-P.; Chiu, C.-T.; Chen, P.-C.; TSUNG-NAN LIN Chang Gung Medical Journal 
102010Comparison between hospital-based and community-based services for the special health care needs of children with developmental delaysKEH-CHUNG LINChang Gung Medical Journal 
112010Comparison of developmental pattern change in preschool children with spastic diplegic and quadriplegic cerebral palsyKEH-CHUNG LINChang Gung Medical Journal 
122010Comparison of Developmental Pattern Change in Preschool Children with Spastic Diplegic and Quadriplegic Cerebral PalsyChen, C-L.; Chen, K-H.; Lin, K-C.; Wu C-Y.; Chen, C-Y.; Wong A-M.; Wong A-M.; Chung, C-Y.; Liu, W-Y.; Liu, W-Y.Chang Gung Medical Journal 
132005Diagnostic approach to recurrent bacterial meningitis in childrenMENG-FAI KUOChang Gung Medical Journal 
141989Endoscopic Bladder Neck Suspension in the Treatment of Stress Urinary IncontinenceLiaw, W. S.; Chu, S. H.; Chang, P. L.; 賴明坤; Chu, S. H.; Lai, Ming-KuenChang Gung Medical Journal 
151992Epidemiology of Low Back Pain in the Nurses of Chang Gung Memorial HospitalChiou, W. K.; 黃美涓; Chiou, W. K.; Wong, May-KuenChang Gung Medical Journal 
162010Factors associated with motor speech control in children with spastic cerebral palsyKEH-CHUNG LINChang Gung Medical Journal 
172010Factors Associated with Motor Speech Control in Children with Spastic Cerebral PalsyChen, C-L.; Lin, K-C.; Chen, C-H.; Chen, C-C.; Liu W-Y.; Liu W-Y.; Chung C-Y.; Chung C-Y.; Chen C-Y.; Chen C-Y.; Wu C-Y.Chang Gung Medical Journal 
182003Factors related to dissatisfaction with the National Health Insurance among primary care physicians in TaiwanYU-CHI TUNGChang Gung Medical Journal 
191988Investigation of Phantom Limb Phenomena in AmputeesLai, M. Y.; 黃美涓; Lai, M. Y.; Wong, May-KuenChang Gung Medical Journal 
201994Laparoscopic Drainage for the Treatment of Posttransplant LymphoceleHshieh, M. L.; Chu, S. H.; 賴明坤; Chuang, C. K.; Lai, Ming-KuenChang Gung Medical Journal