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12008= 4 Superconformal Chern-Simons theories with hyper and twisted hyper multipletsJournal of High Energy Physics 204179
22006A 4 flavour symmetry breaking scheme for understanding quark and neutrino mixing anglesHe, X.-G.; Keum, Y.-Y.; Volkas, R.R.; XIAO-GANG HE Journal of High Energy Physics 231248
32008A nonperturbative test of M2-brane theoryJournal of High Energy Physics 3123
42014ABJM amplitudes and the positive orthogonal GrassmannianYU-TIN HUANG Journal of High Energy Physics 4241
51998Absorption of fermions by D3-branesJournal of High Energy Physics 
62012Addendum: Seiberg-Witten theories on ellipsoidsJournal of High Energy Physics 1434
72013AGT relation in the light asymptotic limitJournal of High Energy Physics 44
82010Amplitudes of 3D and 6D maximal superconformal theories in supertwistor spaceYU-TIN HUANG Journal of High Energy Physics 5648
92012An A <inf>4</inf> × Z<inf>4</inf> model for neutrino mixingXIAO-GANG HE Journal of High Energy Physics 1719
102009Boundary operators in the O(n) and RSOS matrix modelsJournal of High Energy Physics 73
112005Brane Inflation, Solitons and Cosmological Solutions: IP Chen,; K Dasgupta,; K Narayan,; M Shmakova,; M Zagermann,; PISIN CHEN Journal of High Energy Physics 
122001Bulk-boundary propagator in Liouville theory on a discJournal of High Energy Physics 
132012Chiral three-point interactions in 5 and 6 dimensionsYU-TIN HUANG Journal of High Energy Physics 1414
142011Color-octet scalars and potentially large CP violation at the LHCXIAO-GANG HE Journal of High Energy Physics 1813
152012Colored scalars and the CDF W+dijet excessXIAO-GANG HE Journal of High Energy Physics 1211
162002Constraining R-parity violating couplings from B → PP decays using QCD improved factorization methodXIAO-GANG HE Journal of High Energy Physics 12
172008Constraints on unparticle interaction from b → s γHe, X.-G.; Tsai, L.-H.; XIAO-GANG HE Journal of High Energy Physics 1414
182007Constraints on unparticle interactions from invisible decays of Z, quarkonia and neutrinosChen, S.-L.; He, X.-G.; Tsai, H.-C.; XIAO-GANG HE Journal of High Energy Physics 3030
192013CP violation in B<inf>s</inf><sup>0</sup> → K<sup>-</sup> π<sup>+</sup>, B <sup>0</sup> → K <sup>+</sup>π<sup>-</sup> decays and tests for SU(3) flavor symmetry predictionsHe, X.-G.; Li, S.-F.; Lin, H.-H.; XIAO-GANG HE Journal of High Energy Physics 118
202011Dual conformal properties of six-dimensional maximal super Yang-Mills amplitudesYU-TIN HUANG Journal of High Energy Physics 5049