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11992193 nm photodissociation of KI: Branching ratio and collisional mixing rate of K(5 2PJ) doubletsWang, K.-C.; Lin, K.-C.; Luh, W.-T.; KING-CHUEN LIN The Journal of Chemical Physics 10
22017A simple molecular orbital treatment of current distributions in quantum transport through molecular junctionsSin-Mu Jhan; Bih-Yaw Jin; BIH-YAW JIN The Journal of Chemical Physics 44
31983A statistical mechanical theory of the self-diffusion coefficient of simple ions in electrolyte solutionsMou, C.Y.; Thacher, T.S.; Lin, J.-L.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU The Journal of Chemical Physics 15
41985A thermokinetic model of complex oscillations in gaseous hydrocarbon oxidationWang, X.-J.; Mou, C.Y.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU The Journal of Chemical Physics 2324
51994A Voronoi polyhedra analysis of structures of liquid waterShih, J.-P.; Sheu, S.-Y.; Mou, C.-Y.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU The Journal of Chemical Physics 4548
61994Absolute entropy of simple point charge model water by adiabatic switching processesTsao, L.-W.; Sheu, S.-Y.; Mou, C.-Y.; CHUNG-YUAN MOU The Journal of Chemical Physics 1517
71989Alignment effects in Ca-He (5 1P1-5 3PJ) energy transfer half-collisionsAnanthamurthy, S.; Kleiber, P.D.; Stwalley, W.C.; Lin, K.C.; KING-CHUEN LIN The Journal of Chemical Physics 9
81988Alignment effects in Ca-He(5 1P1-5 3P J) energy transfer collisions by far wing laser scatteringLin, K.C.; Kleiber, P.D.; Wang, J.X.; Stwalley, W.C.; Leone, S.R.; KING-CHUEN LIN The Journal of Chemical Physics 22
92009Analytic expressions for electrical energy and electrical force of two spheresLiu, BT; JYH-PING HSU The Journal of Chemical Physics 89
101975Approximations for the rotational excitation of molecules by atomsSHIH-I CHU The Journal of Chemical Physics 3845
111995Area dependence of the surface tension of a Lennard-Jones fluid from molecular dynamics simulationsChen, L.-J.; LI-JEN CHEN The Journal of Chemical Physics 8279
122004Charge Renormalization of Charged Spheres based on Thermodynamic PropertiesHsin, Wei Lun; Wang, Tzu-Yu; Sheng, Yu-Jane ; Tsao, Heng-KwongThe Journal of Chemical Physics 1414
131991Collisional deactivation of K(7s 2S) and K(5d2D) by H2Chang, H.-C.; Luo, Y.-L.; Lin, K.-C.; KING-CHUEN LIN The Journal of Chemical Physics 30
141991Complex quasivibrational energy formalism for intense-field multiphoton and above-threshold dissociation: Complex-scaling Fourier-grid Hamiltonian methodSHIH-I CHU The Journal of Chemical Physics 5350
151983Configurational statistics of Brownian dumbbells in a quadratic flowKeh, H.J.; erson, J.L.; HUAN-JANG KEH The Journal of Chemical Physics 89
162012Correlation effects of π electrons on the band structures of conjugated polymers using the self-consistent GW approximation with vertex correctionsYao-Wen Chang; Bih-Yaw Jin; BIH-YAW JIN The Journal of Chemical Physics 66
171990Crossover from capillary wave to van der Waals regime for fluid interfaces in two dimensions very close to the critical pointChen, L.-J.; Knackstedt, M.; Robert, M.; LI-JEN CHEN The Journal of Chemical Physics 11
181999Distribution of porous colloidal particles in an energy fieldHsu, Jyh-Ping ; Tseng, Ming-Tsan; Tseng, ShiojennChemical Physics 64
192009Dynamic modifications of polarizability for large metallic spheroidal nanoshellsChung, H. Y.; Leung, P. T.; Tsai, D. P.The Journal of Chemical Physics 1517
201999Dynamic stability ratio of a colloidal dispersionKuo, Yung-Chih; Hsu, Jyh-Ping Chemical Physics 44