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12001Adaptive symmetric mean filter: a new noise-reduction approach based on the slope facet modelHuang, Huan-Chao; Chen, Chung-Ming ; Wang, Sheng-De ; Lu, Henry Horng-ShingApplied Optics 32
22000Analysis and Design of Almost-Periodic Vertical Grating Assisted Codirectional Coupler Filters with Nonuniform Duty RatiosChern, Gia-Wei; Wang, Lon. A. Applied Optics 53
32002Analysis of Cladding-Mode Couplings for a Lensed Fiber Integrated with a Long-Period Fiber Grating by Use of the Beam-Propagation MethodWen-Yueh Su; Gia-Wei Chern; L. A. Wang; LON A. WANG Applied Optics 127
42007Analysis of the interchannel response in a MEMS 1 ? N2 wavelength-selective switchTsai, Jui-che ; Yin, Chun-Yi; Sun, Chia-Wei; Wu, Ming C.Applied Optics 
52007Analysis of the interchannel response in a MEMS 1 × N<sup>2</sup> wavelength-selective switchTsai, J.-C.; Yin, C.-Y.; Sun, C.-W.; Wu, M.C.; JUI-CHE TSAI Applied Optics 107
62010Controlling the polarization dependence of dual-channel directional couplers formed by silicon-on-insulator slot waveguidesMa, Yao-Feng; Sung, Ming-Je; Huang, Ding-Wei Applied Optics 159
72007Coupling and cross-talk effects in 12-15 μm diameter single-mode fiber arrays for simultaneous transmission and photon collection from scattering mediaYUAN LUO Applied Optics 43
81999Cylindrical-Type Nanometer-Resolution Laser Diffractive Optical EncoderHsieh, Chi-Tang; CHIH-KUNG LEE Applied Optics 98
92004Design and Construction of Linear Laser Encoders That Possess High Tolerance of Mechanical RunoutLee, Chih-Kung ; Wu, Chyan-Chyi; Chen, Shih-Jui; Yu, Liang-Bin; Chang, You-Chia; Wang, Yeong-Feng; Chen, Jau-Yu; WEN-JONG WU ; CHIH-KUNG LEE Applied Optics 2223
102002Design of a high-numerical-aperture miniature microscope objective for an endoscopic fiber confocal reflectance microscopeC. Liang; K.B. Sung; R. Richards-Kortum; M.R. Descour; KUNG-BIN SUNG Applied Optics 10376
112007Design of optical path for wide-angle gradient-index antireflection coatingsChen, Minfeng; Chang, Hung-chun ; Chang, Allan S. P.; Lin, Shawn-Yu; Xi, J.-Q.; Schubert, E. F.Applied Optics 7064
122005Determination of thickness and lattice distortion for the individual layer of strained AlGaN/GaN superlattice by high-angle annular dark-field scanning transmission electron microscopyShiojiri, M.; Ceh, M.; Sturm, S.; Chuo, C.C.; Hsu, J. T.; Yang, J. R.; Sajio, H.Applied 
132009Dispersion mechanismof surface magnetoplasmons in periodic layered structuresLiu, X. X.; RUEY-LIN CHERN ; Tsai, C. F.; Chern, R. L.; Tsai, D. P.Applied Optics 1716
142012Effects of the spatial frequency composition of the target pattern and the number of quantization levels in diffractive beam shaper designHOANG-YAN LIN Applied Optics 11
152001An efficient evolutionary algorithm for the thin-film synthesis of inhomogeneous optical coatingsYang, J. M.; Kao, C. Y.Applied Optics 
162001Efficient Evolutionary Algorithm for the Thin-Film Synthesis of Inhomogeneous Optical CoatingsYang, Jinn-Moon; Kao, Cheng-YanApplied Optics 
172014Efficient speckle reduction for a laser illuminating on a micro-vibrated paper screenHOANG-YAN LIN Applied Optics 1413
181997Energy control by linking individual patterns to self-repeating diffractive optical elementsCHIA-YU LU Applied Optics 
191997Energy control by linking individual patterns to self-repeating diffractive optical elementsLu, C. Y.; Liao, H. Z.; Lee, C. K.; Wang, J. S.Applied Optics 
202001Equivalent-time electro-optic sampling by use of a picosecond laser with a voltage-controlled optoelectronic pulse-delay tuning circuitLin, G.-R.; Chang, Y.-C.; GONG-RU LIN Applied Optics