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12011A large area bimaterial sheet of piezoelectric nanogenerators for energy harvesting: Effect of RF sputtering on ZnO nanorodWEN-PIN SHIH ; Chang, Chun-Jie; Lee, Yi-Huan; Dai, Chi-An ; Hsiao, Chih-Chung; Chen, Shuh-Heng; Nurmalasari, Ni Putu Dewi; Chen, Jyh-Chien; Cheng, Yao-Yi; Shih, Wen-Pin ; Chang, Pei-Zen Microelectronic Engineering 2123
22011A mask-free fabrication of SU-8/silicon spherical microprobeWEN-PIN SHIH ; Tsai, Yao-Chuan; Wu, Ming-Dao; Shih, Wen-Pin Microelectronic Engineering 42
32012A rapid and portable sensor based on protein-modified gold nanoparticle probes and lateral flow assay for naked eye detection of mercury ionChao, Cheng-Han ; CHENG-HAN CHAO ; Wu, Chung-Shu; Huang, Chung-Chih; Liang, Jie-Chian; Wang, Hsiao-Ting; Tang, Pin-Ting; Lin, Lih-Yuan; Ko, Fu-HsiangMicroelectronic Engineering 2732
42001A Study on Adhesion and Footing Issues of HMDSO Films as Bottom Antireflective Coating for Deep UV LithographiesC. H. Lin; H.L. Chen; L. A. Wang; LON A. WANG Microelectronic Engineering 44
52005An ultra sensitive DNA detection by using gold nanoparticle multilayer in nano-gap electrodesTsai, Chien-Ying; Chang, Tien-Li; Chen, Chun-Chi; Ko, Fu-Hsiang; Chen, Ping-Hei; Tsai, C.-Y.; Chang, T.-L.; Chen, C.-C.; Ko, F.-H.; Chen, P.-H.; Tsai, Chien-Ying; PING-HEI CHEN ; Chang, Tien-Li; Chen, Chun-Chi; Ko, Fu-Hsiang; Chen, Ping-Hei Microelectronic Engineering 2929
62003Application of soft landing to the process control of chemical mechanical polishingChiu, Jian-Bin; Yu, Cheng-Ching; Shen, Shih-HaurMicroelectronic Engineering 
72011Atomic-layer-deposited Al 2 O 3 and HfO 2 on GaN: a comparative study on interfaces and electrical characteristicsChang, YC; Huang, ML; Chang, YH; Lee, YJ; Chiu, HC; Kwo, J; Hong, M; MINGHWEI HONG Microelectronic Engineering 
82011Bionic soft crystalline lens materials for MEMs applications based on self-assembling amphiphilic block copolymer/nanoparticle hybridsChang, C.-J.; Dai, Chi-An ; Shih, Wen-Pin ; Yen, Jia-Yush et al. Microelectronic Engineering 11
92011Cup-shaped yttria-doped barium zirconate membrane fuel cell arraySu, Pei-Chen; Prinz, Fritz B.Microelectronic Engineering 1617
102002Design of (ZrO<sub>2</sub>)<sub>x</sub>/(Cr<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>)<sub>y</sub>/(Al<sub>2</sub>O<sub>3</sub>)<sub>1-x-y</sub> superlattices for high transmittance APSM at 193 nm wavelengthF. D. Lai; L. A. Wang; LON A. WANG Microelectronic Engineering 12
112004Design of a tri-layer bottom anti-reflective coating for KrF, ArF and F2 lithographiesW. C. Cheng; F. D. Lai; H. M. Huang; L. A. Wang; LON A. WANG Microelectronic Engineering 45
122010Dip coating cooperated with stepped rotating lithography to fabricate rigid microstructures onto a metal rollerWu, Jing-Tang; Lai, Hsin-Chun; Yang, Sen-Yeu ; Huang, Tzu-Chien; Wu, Sheng-HsinMicroelectronic Engineering 1617
132011Direct fabricating patterns using stamping transfer process with PDMS mold of hydrophobic nanostructures on surface of micro-cavityHuang, Yi-Hao; Wu, Jing-Tang; Yang, Sen-Yeu Microelectronic Engineering 4042
142009Direct fabrication of microstructures on metal roller using stepped rotating lithography and electroless nickel platingHuang, Tzu-Chien; Wu, Jing-Tang; Yang, Sen-Yeu ; Huang, Po-Hsun; Chang, Shuo-HungMicroelectronic Engineering 3431
152011Direct measurement of interfacial structure in epitaxial Gd 2 O 3 on GaAs (001) using scanning tunneling microscopyChiu, Ya-Ping; Shih, MC; Huang, BC; Shen, JY; Huang, ML; Lee, WC; Chang, P; Chiang, TH; Hong, M; Kwo, J; MINGHWEI HONG Microelectronic Engineering 
162011Direct measurement of interfacial structure in epitaxial Gd2O3 on GaAs (0 0 1) using scanning tunneling microscopyChiu, Y.P.; Shih, M.C.; Huang, B.C.; Shen, J.Y.; Huang, M.L.; Lee, W.C.; Chang, P.; Chiang, T.H.; Hong, M.; Kwo, J.; YA-PING CHIU Microelectronic Engineering 22
172006Directly patterning metal films by nanoimprint lithography with low-temperature and low-pressureChen, H.L.; Chuang, S.Y.; Cheng, H.C.; Lin, C.H.; Chu, T.C.Microelectronic Engineering 
182010Drain current enhancement and negligible current collapse in GaN MOSFETs with atomic-layer-deposited HfO 2 as a gate dielectricChang, YC; Chang, WH; Chang, YH; Kwo, J; Lin, YS; Hsu, SH; Hong, JM; Tsai, CC; Hong, M; MINGHWEI HONG Microelectronic Engineering 
192013Effect of H2O on the electrical characteristics of ultra-thin SiO2 prepared with and without vacuum treatments after anodizationChen, T.-Y.; Lu, H.-W.; Hwu, J.-G.; JENN-GWO HWU Microelectronic Engineering 66
202008Effect of strain-temperature stress on MOS structure with ultra-thin gate oxideLin, C.-N.; Yang, Y.-L.; Chen, W.-T.; Lin, S.-C.; Chuang, K.-C.; Hwu, J.-G.; JENN-GWO HWU Microelectronic Engineering 77