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12000All-optical switching with pulsed signals in an all-semiconductor-optical-amplifier loop deviceLee, J. -H.; Yang, C. C.; Shih, M. C.; Chuang, T. J.Optics Communications 
22006Analysis of propagation characteristics for an octagonal photonic crystal fiber (O-PCF)Chiang, Jung-Sheng; TZONG-LIN WU Optics Communications 9669
31991Analysis of the Multichannel Coherent FSK SCM System with Pilot Carrier and Phase Noise曹偉恆; Wu-Lee, Yang-HanOptical Communications 
42006Comparison of Single and Double Cladding Long Period Fiber Grating Sensor using an Intensity Modulation Interrogation SystemShin, C.S.; Liaw, S. K.; Chiang, C.C.Optics Communications 
52008Diffractive Beam Splitting Microlens for Fiber Coupling Fabricated by UV Imprinting ProcessYang, J.; Liao, Y.S.; Chen, C.F.Optics Communications 55
62008Diffractive beam splitting microlens for fiber coupling fabricated by UV imprinting processYang, Jauh Jung; Chen, Chi-Feng; Liao, Yunn-Shiuan Optics Communications 
72004Enhancement of multi-photon processes with carrier injection in a GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well laser structureChen, Horng-Shyang; Liu, Shun-Lee; Yang, C.COptics Communications 
82007Fabrication of long hexagonal micro-lens array by applying gray-scale lithography in micro-replication processYang, Jauh-Jung; Liao, Yunn-Shiuan ; Chen, Chi-FengOptics Communications 43
92008High briefringence and low loss circular air-holes photonic crystal fiber using complex unit cells in claddingYang, T. J.; Shen, L. F.; Chau, Y. F.; Sung, M. J.; Chen, D.; Tsai, D. P.Optics Communications 
101999Limiting-amplified multiwavelength dispersion compensator incorporating chirped fiber gratings and optical amplifier for DWDM systemsTzeng, Sohn-Ling; Chang, Hung-chun ; Chen, Yung-KuangOptics Communications 
112005Mid-span compensation of nonlinear phase noiseHo, Keang-PoOptics Communications 1411
122009Nonlinear dispersion relation for surface plasmon at a metal-Kerr medium interfaceHuang, J. H.; Chang, R. L.; Leung, P. T.; Tsai, D. P.Optics Communications 
131995An One-Step Method for Taking Plane Hologram Type Holographic Rainbow StereogramsHuang, M. J.; Lee, C. K.; Hu, H. P.Optics Communications 
141995A one-step method for taking plane hologram type holographic rainbow stereogramsHuang, Ming J.; Lee, C. K.; Hu, Ching-PiaoOptics Communications 
152002Optical coherence tomography using nonlinear optics in fiber for broadband source generationHsu, I-Jen; Lu, Chih-Wei; Deng, Chih-Ren; Yang, C. C.; CHIH-CHUNG YANG ; CHII-WANN LIN ; CHIH-CHUNG YANG Optics Communications 76
162002Optical Coherence Tomography Using Nonlinear Optics in Fiber for Broadband Source GenerationHsu, I. J.; Lu, C. W.; Lin, S. M.; Deng, C. R.; Tsai, J. C.; Yang, C. C.; Chiang, C. P.; Lin, C. W.; Wang, C. Y.; Kiang, Y. W.Optics Communications 
172006Optical low-coherence reflectometry with resolution beyond the Fourier transform limitLu, Chih-Wei; Tsai, Meng-Tsan; Wang, Yih-Ming; Chen, Su-Feng; YEAN-WOEI KIANG ; CHIH-CHUNG YANG Optics Communications 11
181990Optical switching of a nonlinear slab in total internal reflection stateWu, Yi-Yen; Chen, Chun HsiungOptics Communications 
192003The optimal compensator for nonlinear phase noiseHo, Keang-PoOptics Communications 86
202008The Plasmon and distribution effects between incident light and active layer in PtOx-type super-resolution near-field structureChau, Y. F.; Tsai, D. P.; Shen, L. F.; Yang, T. J.; Sun, Y. S.Optics Communication