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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12001Effects of Implicit Parameters in Segregation AnalysisTai, John Jen; Hsiao, Chuhsing KateHuman Heredity 
22008Genome-Wide Scan for Quantitative Ace Activity in Taiwan Young-Onset Hypertension StudyWANG, RUEY-YUN; CHEN, CHIEN-CHUNG et al. Human Heredity 88
32006Han Chinese Cell and Genome Bank in Taiwan: Purpose, Design and Ethical ConsiderationsPan, W.-H.; Fann, C.S.J.; Wu, J.-Y.; Hung, Y.-T.; Ho, M.-S.; Tai, T.H.; Chen, Y.-J.; Liao, C.-J.; Yang, M.-L.; Cheng, A.T.-A.; Chen, Y.-T.Human Heredity 
41991Linkage Disequilibrium and Linkage Information from One Child Families戴政; Song, W. H.; Tai, JenHuman Heredity 
51996Low genetic variation in Amentotaxus formosana Li revealed by isozyme analysis and random amplified polymorphic DNA markers.Wang, CT; Wang, WY; Chiang, CH; Wang, YN; Lin, TPHeredity 2020
61999Stepwise chromosome evolution in Drosophila albomicansYu, Yuh-Chyn; Lin, Fei-Jann; Chang, Hwei-YuHeredity 2120