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12014A composite catalytic film of Ni-NPs/PEDOT: PSS for the counter electrodes in dye-sensitized solar cellsChang, L.-Y.; Li, Y.-Y.; Li, C.-T.; Lee, C.-P.; Fan, M.-S.; Vittal, R.; Ho, K.-C.; Lin, J.-J.; JIANG-JEN LIN ; KUO-CHUAN HO Electrochimica Acta 1515
22011A composite poly(3,3-diethyl-3,4-dihydro-2H-thieno-[3,4-b][1,4]-dioxepine) and Pt film as a counter electrode catalyst in dye-sensitized solar cellsYeh, M.-H.; Lee, C.-P.; Lin, L.-Y.; Nien, P.-C.; Chen, P.-Y.; Vittal, R.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO Electrochimica Acta 2422
32010A red-to-gray poly(3-methylthiophene) electrochromic device using a zinc hexacyanoferrate/PEDOT:PSS composite counter electrodeHong, S.-F.; Chen, L.-C.; LIN-CHI CHEN Electrochimica Acta 4139
42008A study of ion exchange at the poly(butyl viologen)-electrolyte interface by SECMHsu, Chih-Yu; Vasantha, V.S.; Ho, Kuo-Chuan; KUO-CHUAN HO ; Hsu, Chih-Yu; Vasantha, V.S.; Ho, Kuo-Chuan Electrochimica Acta 65
52009A study on the electrochromic properties of polyaniline/silica composite films with an enhanced optical contrastChen, WK; Hu, CW; Hsu, CY; Ho, KC; Chen, WK; KUO-CHUAN HO ; Hu, CW; Hsu, CY; Ho, KCElectrochimica Acta 3431
62007Analysis of membraneless formic acid microfuel cell using a planar microchannelChen, Falin ; Chang, Min-Hsing; Lin, Mu-KunElectrochimica Acta 7471
72007Analysis of membraneless microfuel cell using decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in a Y-shaped microchannelChen, Falin ; Chang, Min-Hsing; Hsu, Chia-WeiElectrochimica Acta 4644
82017Azafluorene Ornamented Thiazine Based Novel Fused Heterocyclic Organic Dyes for Competent Molecular PhotovoltaicsStalindurai K.; Karuppasamy A.; Peng J.-D.; Ho K.-C. ; Ramalingan C.Electrochimica Acta 1312
92011Carbon incorporated FeN/C electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction enhancement in direct methanol fuel cells: X-ray absorption approach to local structuresTsai, Chi-Wen; Chen, Hao Ming; Liu, Ru-Shi; Asakura, Kiyotaka; Zhang, Lei; Zhang, Jiujun; Lo, Man-Yin; Peng, Yu-Min; RU-SHI LIU ; HAO MING CHEN Electrochimica Acta 2223
102014Carbonaceous allotropes modified ionic liquid electrolytes for efficient quasi-solid-state dye-sensitized solar cellsChen, J.-G.; Vittal, R.; Yeh, M.-H.; Chen, C.-Y.; Wu, C.-G.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO Electrochimica Acta 1312
111995Coadsorption of sulfate anions and silver adatoms on the Au(111) single crystal electrode. Ex situ and in situ comparisonMrozek, P.; Sung, Y.-e.; Han, M.; Gamboa-aldeco, M.; Wieckowski, A.; Chen, C.-h. ; Gewirth, A.A.Electrochimica Acta 6057
121999Cycling and at-rest stabilities of a complementary electrochromic device based on tungsten oxide and Prussian blue thin filmsHo, Kuo-Chuan; KUO-CHUAN HO ; Ho, Kuo-Chuan Electrochimica Acta 4035
132008Deposition-order-dependent Polyelectrochromic and Redox Behaviors of the Polyaniline-Prussian Blue BilayerHong, Siang-Fu; Hwang, Shou-Chia; Chen, Lin-Chi Electrochimica Acta 3131
142001Design equations for complementary electrochromic devices: application to the tungsten oxide–Prussian blue systemChen, Lin-Chi ; Ho, Kuo-Chuan Electrochimica Acta 7670
152003Effect of oxygenation on electrocatalysis of La0.6Ca0.4CoO3?x in bifunctional air electrodeWu, Nae-Lih ; Liu, Wei-Ren; Su, Sern-JeiElectrochimica Acta 
162008EIS analysis on low temperature fabrication of TiO2 porous films for dye-sensitized solar cellsHsu, Chao-Po; Lee, Kun-Mu; Huang, Joseph Tai-Wei; Lin, Chia-Yu; Lee, Chia-Hua; Wang, Lih-Ping; Tsai, Song-Yeu; Ho, Kuo-Chuan; KUO-CHUAN HO ; Hsu, Chao-Po; Lee, Kun-Mu; Huang, Joseph Tai-Wei; Lin, Chia-Yu; Lee, Chia-Hua; Wang, Lih-Ping; Tsai, Song-Yeu; Ho, Kuo-Chuan Electrochimica Acta 230225
172009Electrochemical characterizations on MnO2 supercapacitors with potassium polyacrylate and potassium polyacrylate-co-polyacrylamide gel polymer electrolytesLee, KT; Lee, JF; 吳乃立 Electrochimica Acta 3837
182012Enhanced efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells with counter electrodes consisting of platinum nanoparticles and nanographitesLiu, C.-Y.; Huang, K.-C.; Wang, C.-C.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO Electrochimica Acta 1311
192012Enhanced performance of a flexible dye-sensitized solar cell with a composite semiconductor film of ZnO nanorods and ZnO nanoparticlesLin, L.-Y.; Yeh, M.-H.; Lee, C.-P.; Chou, C.-Y.; Vittal, R.; Ho, K.-C.; KUO-CHUAN HO Electrochimica Acta 6459
202009Enhancing the performance of dye-sensitized solar cells based on an organic dye by incorporating TiO2 nanotube in a TiO2 nanoparticle filmLee, KM; Suryanarayanan, V; Huang, JH; Thomas, KRJ; Lin, JT; Ho, KC; Lee, KM; KUO-CHUAN HO ; Suryanarayanan, V; Huang, JH; Thomas, KRJ; Lin, JT; Ho, KCElectrochimica Acta 4646