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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
11994A General Search Algorithm for Cell Formation in Group TechnologyHOUN-GEE CHEN; HOUN-GEE CHEN International Journal of Production Research 136
22008A new paradigm for rule-based scheduling in the wafer probe centreChiang, Tsung-Che; Shen, Y. S.; Fu, Li-Chen; LI-CHEN FU International Journal of Production Research 2422
31992A Petri Net-Based State Transition Model for the Optimal Operator Cyclic Walking Pattern Development in GT CellsHOUN-GEE CHEN; HOUN-GEE CHEN International Journal of Production Research 21
42008A rule-centric memetic algorithm to minimize the number of tardy jobs in the job shopChiang, T.C.; Fu, L.C.; LI-CHEN FU International Journal of Production Research 2019
52001Adaptive crosshatch approach for the laminated object manufacturing (LOM) processLiao, Y.S.; Chiu, Y.Y.; LiaoYS International Journal of Production Research 
62002Aligning Manufacturing Flexibility with Environmental Uncertainty: Evidence from High-technology Component Manufacturers in TaiwanChang, Shih-Chia; Lin, Neng-Pai; Lin, Neng-Pai; Sheu, ChwenInternational Journal of Production Research 
72000An alternative mean estimator for processes monitored by SPC chartsChen, Argon ; Elsayed, E. A.International Journal of Production Research 1313
82006Case study: The impact of assembly reorientations on assembly timePan, C.; Smith, S.; SHANA SMITH International Journal of Production Research 88
92006A Case Study: the impact of assembly reorientations on assembly timePan, C.; Smith, S.International Journal of Production Research 
102008Decision Tree Based Control Chart Pattern RecognitionWang, Chih-Hsuan; Guo, Ruey-Shan ; Chiang, Ming-Huang ; Wong, Jehn-YihInternational Journal of Production Research 4225
112007Demand planning approaches to aggregating and forecasting interrelated demands for safety stock and backup capacity planningChen, Argon ; Hsu, C.-H.; Blue, J.International Journal of Production Research 1713
122007Development of Run-To-Run (R2R) controller for the multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system using fuzzy control theoriesFan, S.-K.S.; Fan, C.; Kung, P.; Wang, C.-Y.; CHIHHAO FAN International Journal of Production Research 32
132002Disassembly matrix for disassembly processes of productsHuang, Yuan Mao; Huang, Chung-TingInternational Journal of Production Research 
142009Dynamic Production Control in a Serial Line with Process Queue Time ConstraintWu, Cheng-Hung ; Lin, James T.; Chien, Wen-ChihInternational Journal of Production Research 2331
152012Knowledge-based sequence planning of shearing operations in progressive diesLin, Alan C.; Sheu, Dean K.International Journal of Production Research 76
162000Modelling, control and simulation of an IC wafer fabrication system: a generalized stochastic coloured timed Petri Net approachLin, Ming-Hung; Fu, Li-Chen International Journal of Production Research 
172008A new paradigm for rule-based scheduling in the wafer probe centreChiang, T. C.; Shen, Y. S.; Fu, L. C.International Journal of Production Research 
182007Optimal supply chain configurations in semiconductor manufacturingChiang, David; Guo, Ruey-Shan ; Chen, Argon ; Cheng, Meng-Tse; Chen, Cheng-BangInternational Journal of Production Research 1314
192009Optimising resource portfolio planning for capital-intensive industries under process-technology progressYang, S.-J.S.; Yang, F.-C.; Wang, K.-J.; Ch; ra, Y.; FENG-CHENG YANG International Journal of Production Research 415
202003Optimization of Machining Parameters of Wire-EDM Based on Grey Relational and Statistical AnalysesHuang, J.T.; Liao, Y.S.International Journal of Production Research