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12012A glucose bio-battery prototype based on a GDH/poly(methylene blue) bioanode and a graphite cathode with an iodide/tri-iodide redox coupleWang, J.-Y.; Nien, P.-C.; Chen, C.-H.; Chen, L.-C.; Ho, K.-C.; LIN-CHI CHEN ; KUO-CHUAN HO journal article1011
22014Accelerated aerobic granulation using alternating feed loadings: Alginate-like exopolysaccharidesYang Y.-C.; Liu X.; Wan C.; Sun S.; Lee D.-J. journal article3633
32015Accessible mixotrophic growth of denitrifying sulfide removal consortiumJuang R.-S.; Wong B.-T.; Lee D.-J. journal article55
42014Adsorption removal of cesium from drinking waters: A mini review on use of biosorbents and other adsorbentsLiu X.; Chen G.-R.; Lee D.-J. ; Kawamoto T.; Tanaka H.; Chen M.-L.; Luo Y.-K.journal article10596
52018Adsorption removal of natural organic matters in waters using biocharLee D.-J. ; Cheng Y.-L.; Wong R.-J.; Wang X.-D.journal article2221
62011Aerobic denitrification by novel isolated strain using NO2--N as nitrogen sourceWan C.; Yang X.; Lee D.-J. ; Du M.; Wan F.; Chen C.journal article10381
72016Aerobic granular processes: Current research trendsZhang Q.; Hu J.; Lee D.-J. journal article7860
82009Aerobic granulation in sequencing batch reactors at different settling timesAdav, SS; Lee, DJ ; Lai, JYjournal article5654
92014Aerobic granulation of aggregating consortium X9 isolated from aerobic granules and role of cyclic di-GMPWan C.; Yang X.; Lee D.-J. ; Wang X.-Y.; Yang Q.; Pan X.journal article2221
102016Aerobic granulation of protein-rich granules from nitrogen-lean wastewatersChen Y.-Y.; Ju S.-P.; Lee D.-J. journal article76
112015Aggregate formation affects ultrasonic disruption of microalgal cellsWang W.; Lee D.-J. ; Lai J.-Y.journal article33
122013Algal biomass dehydrationShow K.-Y.; Lee D.-J. ; Chang J.-S.journal article6562
132011Anaerobic storage as a pretreatment for enhanced biodegradability of dewatered sewage sludgeXu H.; He P.; Wang G.; Shao L.; Lee D. journal article2724
142008Anti-inflammation activities of essential oil and its constituents from indigenous cinnamon (Cinnamomum osmophloeum) twigsSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article184158
152009Antioxidant activities and phytochemical characteristics of extracts from Acacia confusa barkSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article5045
162008Antioxidant activities of ethanolic extracts from the twigs of Cinnamomum osmophloeumSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article162145
172007Antioxidant activities of natural phenolic compounds from Acacia confusa barkSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article118101
182013Application of kaolin-based catalysts in biodiesel production via transesterification of vegetable oils in excess methanolDang T.H.; Chen B.-H.; Lee D.-J. journal article4138
192013Autotrophic and heterotrophic denitrification by a newly isolated strain Pseudomonas sp. C27Chen C.; Ho K.-L.; Liu F.-C.; Ho M.; Wang A.; Ren N.; Lee D.-J. journal article3933
202006Bioactivity assay of extracts from Calocedrus macrolepis var. formosana barkSHANG-TZEN CHANG journal article55