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12006Application of the COSMO-SAC-BP Solvation Model to Predictions of Normal Boiling Temperatures for Environmentally Significant SubstancesWang, Shu; Lin, Shiang-Tai ; Chang, Jaeeon; Goddard III, William A.; Sandler, Stanley I.Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2729
21996Autotune Identification under Load DisturbanceShen, Shih-Haur; Wu, Jiun-Sheng; Yu, Cheng-ChingIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 
31995Autotuning of Gain-Scheduled pH Control: An Experimental StudyChan, Hsiao-Chung; Yu, Cheng-ChingIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 
42005Batch Sequencing for Run-to-Run Control: Application to Chemical Mechanical PolishingChen, Yih-Hang; Su, An-Jhih; Shiu, Sheng-Jyh; Yu, Cheng-Ching; Shen, Shih-HaurIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 
51992Ca(OH)2/Fly Ash Sorbents for SO2 RemovalHo, C. S.; 施信民; Ho, C. S.; Shih, Shin-MinIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 
61994Cake Formation in Capillary Suction Apparatus李篤中 ; Hsu, Y. H.; Lee, Duu-Jong ; Hsu, Y. H.Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 3743
72010Calcium-Incorporated Mesoporous Aluminosilicates: Synthesis, Characterization, and Applications to the Condensation of Long-Chain Fatty Acid with Long-Chain Amine and AlcoholSakthivel, Ayyamperumal; Komura, Kenichi; Huang, Shing-Jong; Wu, Pei-Hao; Liu, Shang-Bin; Sasaki, Yukichi; Sugi, YoshihiroIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 1814
82001Characterization of MnAPO-5 for Ethane OxydehydrogenationWu, Juinn-Yao; Chien, Shu-Hua; Wan, Ben-ZuIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 
92010Chitosan-Type Bioadditive-Modified Electronic Industry Waste Sludge for Heavy Metal Stabilization with Assistance of Microwave HeatingJothiramalingam, Rajabathar; Lo, Shang-Lien; Phanthi, Lan-AnhIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 1311
101991The Chlorination Kinetics of Silicon Dioxide in the Presence of Carbon張慶源; Chen, J. M.; Chang, F. W.; Chang, Ching-Yuan; Chang, F. W.Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 
112010Continuous-flow Esterification of Free Fatty Acids in a Rotating Packed BedChen, Yi-Hung; Wang, Liang-Chi; Tsai, Cheng-Hsien; Shang, Neng-ChouIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 78
122008Continuous-Time Formulation for the Synthesis of Water-Using Networks in Batch PlantsCHEN CHENG-LIANG ; Chang, C.Y.; Lee, J.Y.Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2626
131995Crystal Growth and Agglomeration of Calcium Sulfite Hemihydrate CrystalsTai, Clifford Y.; Chen, Pao-ChiIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 
142003Deep Oxidation of Methanol Using a Novel Pt/Boron Nitride CatalystWu, Jeffrey Chi-Sheng ; Fan, Ya-Chun; Lin, Chih-AnIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 4339
151992Derivation of transfer function from relay feedback systemsChang, Ren Chiou; Shen, Shih Haur; Yu, Cheng ChingIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 
162002Design Alternatives for the Amyl Acetate Process: Coupled Reactor/Column and Reactive DistillationChiang, Sheng-Feng; Kuo, Chien-Lin; Yu, Cheng-Ching; Wong, David S. H.Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 6452
172003Design and Control of Heat-Integrated ReactorsChen, Yih-Hang; Yu, Cheng-ChingIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 
182008Design and Control of the Side Reactor Configuration for Production of Ethyl AcetateTsai, Reui-Chiang; Cheng, Jian-Kai; Huang, Hsiao-Ping; Yu, Cheng-Ching; Shen, Yi-Shan; Chen, Ying-TienIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 
192008Design and Optimization of Indirect Energy Storage Systems for Batch Process PlantsCHEN CHENG-LIANG ; Ciou, Y.J.Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 4749
202009Design of Indirect Heat Recovery Systems with Variable-Temperature Storage for Batch PlantsChen, CL; Ciou, YJIndustrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2222