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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12010Enhanced mixing of droplets during coalescence on a surface with a wettability gradientLai, Yu-Hsuan; Hsu, Miao-Hsing; Yang, Jing-Tang Lab on a Chip 4240
22010Enhanced mobile hybridization of gold nanoparticles decorated with oligonucleotide in microchannel devicesHsu, Miao-Hsing; Fang, Wei-Feng; Lai, Yu-Hsuan; Yang, Jing-Tang ; Tsai, Tsung-Lin; Shieh, Dar-BinLab on a Chip 118
32012Locally enhanced concentration and detection of oligonucleotides in a plug-based microfluidic deviceFang, Wei-Feng; Ting, Shang-Chieh; Hsu, Ching-Wen; Chen, Yu-Tzu; Yang, Jing-Tang Lab on a Chip 1918
42009A Microchip Fabricated with a Vapor-diffusion Self-assembled-monolayer Method to Transport Droplets across Superhydrophobic to Hydrophilic SurfacesLai, Y. H.; Yang, J. T.; Hsieh, D. B.Lab on a Chip 6679
52010A microchip fabricated with a vapor-diffusion self-assembled-monolayer method to transport droplets across superhydrophobic to hydrophilic surfacesLai, Yu-Hsuan; Yang, Jing-Tang ; Shieh, Dar-BinLab on a Chip 8279