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12007Aggregate of alkoxy-bridged Re(I)-rectangles as a probe for photoluminescence quenchingThanasekaran, P.; Wu, J.-Y.; Manimaran, B.; Rajendran, T.; Chang, I.-J.; Rajagopal, S.; Lee, G.-H.; Peng, S.-M.; Lu, K.-L.; SHIE-MING PENG Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2928
22013Alignment selection of the metastable CO(a 3π1) molecule and the steric effect in the aligned CO(a 3π1) + NO collisionNakamura, M.; Che, D.-C.; Tsai, P.-Y.; Lin, K.-C.; Kasai, T.; KING-CHUEN LIN Journal of Physical Chemistry A 66
31997Bond Characterization of Chromium?Fischer Carbene Complexes: A Combined Study of Experiment and TheoryWang, Chih-Chieh; Wang, Yu; Liu, Hui-Jean; Lin, Kuan-Jiuh; Chou, Liang-Kuei; Chan, Kin-ShingJournal of Physical Chemistry A 
41999Bond Characterization of Metal Squarate Complexes [MII(C4O4)(H2O)4; M = Fe, Co, Ni, Zn]Lee, Chi-Rung; Wang, Chih-Chieh; Chen, Ko-Chun; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Wang, YuJournal of Physical Chemistry A 
52003Comment on "on the evidence obtained by exciting 7-azaindole at 320 nm in 10-2 M solutions" (multiple letters)PI-TAI CHOU Journal of Physical Chemistry A 45
61997Complex dynamics resulting from coupling between oregonators in a series of two CSTRs with recycleLiu C.I.; Wen H.J.; Lee D.J. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 99
72003Comprehensive studies on dual excitation behavior of double proton versus charge transfer in 4-(N-substituted amino)-1H-pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyridinesCheng, C.-C.; Chang, C.-P.; Yu, W.-S.; Hung, F.-T.; Liu, Y.-I.; Wu, G.-R.; Chou, P.-T.; PI-TAI CHOU Journal of Physical Chemistry A 3031
81997Conformational Analysis of Molecular Complexes between Sodium and 1,2-Dimethoxyethane: Photoionization and ab Initio Molecular Orbital StudiesYeh, T.-S.; Su, T.-M.Journal of Physical Chemistry A 
91999Conformational Analysis of the Molecular Complexes of Sodium with Methanol and 1,2-Ethanediol: Photoionization and ab Initio Molecular Orbital StudiesYeh, T.-S.; Su, T.-M.Journal of Physical Chemistry A 
101998Conformational Analysis of the Sodium/12-Crown-4 Complex: Photoionization and ab Initio Molecular Orbital StudiesYeh, T.-S.; Su, T.-M.Journal of Physical Chemistry A 
112004Crystals formed at 293 K by aqueous sulfate-nitrate-ammonium-proton aerosol particlesSchlenker, J. C.; Malinowski, A.; Martin, S. T.; Hung, H. M.; Rudich, Y.; HUI-MING HUNG Journal of Physical Chemistry A 4743
122019C–N Bond Rotation Controls Photoinduced Electron Transfer in an Aminostyrene–Stilbene Donor–Acceptor SystemYen-Chin Huang; Yuan-Chung Cheng Journal of Physical Chemistry A 22
132013Decoherence cross-section in NO + Ar collisions: Experimental results and a simple modelChao, M.-S.; Tornero, J.; Lin, K.C.; Stolte, S.; Gonz{\\'a; KING-CHUEN LIN Journal of Physical Chemistry A 22
141997Density functional study of Co-59 chemical shielding tensors using gauge-including atomic orbitalsChan, JCC; AuYeung, SCF; CHUN-CHUNG CHAN Journal of Physical Chemistry A 
151997Density functional study of the electronic structures of [Co(NH3)(5)X]((3+n)+) complexes. Insight into the role of the 3d and 4s orbitals in metal-ligand interactionsChan, JCC; Wilson, PJ; AuYeung, SCF; Webb, GA; CHUN-CHUNG CHAN Journal of Physical Chemistry A 
162004Differences in the IR methylene rocking bands between the crystalline fatty acids and n-alkanes: Frequencies, intensities, and correlation splittingLi, H.-W.; Strauss, H.L.; Snyder, R.G.; HUNG-WEN LI Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2423
172015Diffusiophoresis in suspensions of charged porous particlesHuang, H.Y.; Keh, H.J.; HUAN-JANG KEH Journal of Physical Chemistry A 1111
182007Direct measurements of intersystem crossing rates and triplet decays of luminescent conjugated oligomers in solutionsChen, Hsin-Liang; Huang, Yi-Fang; Hsu, Chao-Ping; Lim, Tsong-Shin; Kuo, Li-Chung; Leung, Man-kit.; Chao, Teng-Chih; Wong, Ken-Tsung; Chen, Show-An; Fann, Wunshain; KEN-TSUNG WONG ; Leung, Man-kit. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 99
192009Dual Fluorescent Photochromic Colorants Bearing Pyrano[3,2-c]chromen-5-one MoietyLin, Chao-Chen; Hsieh, Cheng-Chih; Yu, Ya-Chien; Lai, Chin-Hung; Huang, Chin-Neng; Kuo, Pei-Yu; Lin, Chi-Hui; Yang, Ding-Yah; Chou, Pi-Tai Journal of Physical Chemistry A 1212
202009Effect of Ground-State Twisting on the trans -> cis Photoisomerization and TICT State Formation of AminostilbenesYang, Jye-Shane ; Lin, Cheng-Kai; Lahoti, Arland M.; Tseng, Chung-Kai; Liu, Yi-Hung; Lee, Gene-Hsiang; Peng, Shie-MingJournal of Physical Chemistry A 5355