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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
120083D Micro-scale Profile Measuring SystemYoung, H.T.; Lin, W.Y.Key Engineering Materials 00
22008The Analysis on Penetrating Efficiency in High-Energy Beam DrillingHo, J.E.; Young, H.T.Key Engineering Materials 00
32006Damping Characteristics of Cold-Rolled and Annealed Equiatomic TiNi Shape Memory AlloyChang, S. H.; Wu, S. K.Key Engineering Materials 
42008Development of A Flexible Temperature Sensor Array SystemYang, Y.J.; Chia, B.T.; Chang, D.R.; Liao, H.H.; Shih, W.P.; Chang, F.Y.; Fan, K.C.Key Engineering Materials 20
52008Fabrication and characterization od electro-active polymer for flexible tactile sensing arrayTsao, L.C.; Chang, D.R.; Shih, W.P.; Fan, K.C.Key Engineering Materials 
62008Fabrication and characterization of electro-active polymer for flexible tactile sensing arrayTsaos, L.-C.; Changs, D.-R.; Shih, W.-P.; Fan, K.-C.Key Engineering Materials 60
7-A high precision focus probe for the quality assessment of grating pitchChen, Yejin; Fan, K. C.; Liu, Yusheng; Cheng, FangKey Engineering Material 
82009An investigation into surface roughness of EDM using soft particles suspension in silicone oilChang, C.K.; Tsai, Y.Y.Key Engineering Materials 00
92007A Large Area Temperature and Tactile Sensing ArrayYang, Y.-J.; Cheng, M.-Y.; Chang, W.-Y.; Tsao, L.-C.; Yang, S.-A.; Shih, W.-P.; Chang, F.-Y.; Chang, S.-H.; Fan, K.-C.Key Engineering Materials 
102008A Rapid Prototyping Apparatus for Forming Ceramic PartsLiu, F.H.; Liao, Y.S.Key Engineering Materials 00
112008Signal detection and control of an intelligent robotWang, Fu Cheng ; Lin, H.M.; Chen, P.K.; Chang, F.Y.; Fan, Kuang ChaoKey Engineering Materials 00
122006Single Diamond Dressing Characteristics of CMP Polyurethane PadLiao, Y. S.; Tsai, M. Y.; Sung, J. C.; Pai, Y. L.Key Engineering Materials,In press 
132008Study on flow imbalance during filling a multi-cavity mold using a H-type runnersYang, Sen-Yeu ; Huang, Tzu-Chien; Huang, Po-Hsun; Ko, Tai-YuKey Engineering Materials 00