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12011A bidirectional NoC (BiNoC) architecture with dynamic self-reconfigurable channelSAO-JIE CHEN journal article
22001A bipartition-codec architecture to reduce power in pipelined circuitsFEI-PEI LAI journal article
32007A network-flow-based RDL routing algorithmz for flip-chip designYAO-WEN CHANG journal article
42008A new multilevel framework for large-scale interconnect-driven floorplanningChen, T.-C.; YAO-WEN CHANG ; Chang, Y.-W.; Lin, S.-C.journal article
52014A novel layout decomposition algorithm for triple patterning lithographyYAO-WEN CHANG journal article
62009A novel wire-density-driven full-chip routing system for CMP variation controlYAO-WEN CHANG journal article
72009A novel wire-density-driven full-chip routing system for cmp variation controlYAO-WEN CHANG journal article
82011A Parallel Test Pattern Generation Algorithm to Meet Multiple Quality ObjectivesCHIEN-MO LI journal article
92009A progressive-ILP-based routing algorithm for the synthesis of cross-referencing biochipsYAO-WEN CHANG ; CHIA-LIN YANG journal article
102010Accurately Handle Don’t-Care Conditions in High-Level Designs and Application for Reducing Initialized RegistersSY-YEN KUO journal article
111997Algorithms for an FPGA switch module routing problem with application to global routingYAO-WEN CHANG journal article
122010An adaptive flash translation layer for high-performance storage systemsTEI-WEI KUO journal article
132010An automatic optical simulation-based lithography hotspot fix flow for post-route optimizationSAO-JIE CHEN journal article
142008An Efficient Graph-Based Algorithm for ESD Current Path AnalysisSY-YEN KUO ; YAO-WEN CHANG journal article
152012An efficient Pre-assignment routing algorithm for flip-chip designsYAO-WEN CHANG journal article
162007An exact jumper-insertion algorithm for antenna violation avoidance/fixing considering routing obstaclesYAO-WEN CHANG journal article
171992An H-V Alternating RouterSAO-JIE CHEN journal article
182009An integer-linear-programming-based routing algorithm for flip-chip designsYAO-WEN CHANG journal article
192007An optimal jumper-insertion algorithm for antenna avoidance/fixingYAO-WEN CHANG journal article
202008An optimal network-flow-based simultaneous diode and jumper insertion algorithm for antenna fixingYAO-WEN CHANG journal article