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12011Applying magnetic soft mold imprint technology with ultraviolet light-emitting-diode array on the fabrication of microlens arraysWeng, Y.-J.; Yang, S.-Y.Polymers for Advanced Technologies 33
22008The Development and Research for Applying Innovative Magnetic Soft Mold Imprinting Techniques in Microstructure Component ManufacturingWeng, Y. J.; Weng, Y.C.; Yang, S. Y.Polymers for Advanced Technologies 
32011Electrochemical impedance characterization and photovoltaic performance of N719 dye-sensitized solar cells using quaternized ammonium iodide containing polyfluorene electrolyte solutionsLee, R.-H.; Huang, Y.-W.; Chang, J.-W.; Hwang, J.-C.; Chen, Y.-C.; Jeng, R.-J.; RU-JONG JENG Polymers for Advanced Technologies 66
42003Enhanced thermal properties and flame retardancy from a thermosetting blend of a phosphorus-containing bismaleimide and epoxy resinsJeng, R.-J.; Lo, G.-S.; Chen, C.-P.; Liu, Y.-L.; Hsiue, G.-H.; Su, W.-C.; RU-JONG JENG Polymers for Advanced Technologies 3132
51996Interpenetrating polymer networks of polyurethane and maleimide-terminated polyurethane for biomedical applicationsWEN-YEN CHIU Polymers for Advanced Technologies 
62004Low loss second-order non-linear optical crosslinked polymers based on a phosphorus-containing maleimideChen, C.-P.; Huang, G.-S.; Jeng, R.-J.; Chou, C.-C.; Su, W.-C.; Chang, H.-L.; RU-JONG JENG Polymers for Advanced Technologies 1415
72018Low temperature splinting activity and catalytic behavior of nano Ag doped sulphamicacid bridged diblock copolymerAnbarasan R.; Jeyapriya M.; Meenarathi B.; Tung K.-L. Polymers for Advanced Technologies 59
82009Nonlinear optical polyimides consisting of chromophore-containing dendrons with site-isolation effectChen, Y.-C.; Chang, H.-L.; Lee, R.-H.; Dai, S.A.; Su, W.-C.; Jeng, R.-J.; RU-JONG JENG Polymers for Advanced Technologies 1010
92003Organic/inorganic NLO materials based on reactive polyimides and a bulky alkoxysilane dye via sol/gel processJeng, R.-J.; Hung, W.-Y.; Chen, C.-P.; Hsiue, G.-H.; RU-JONG JENG Polymers for Advanced Technologies 3028
102005Stable second-order NLO semi-IPN system based on bipyridine-containing polyimide and alkoxysilane dyeKuo, W.-J.; Chang, M.-C.; Juang, T.-Y.; Chen, C.-P.; Chen, C.-T.; Chang, H.-L.; Jeng, R.-J.; RU-JONG JENG Polymers for Advanced Technologies 1013
112008Stable second-order nonlinear optical poly(amide-imide)/inorganic materials via simultaneous sequential self-repetitive reaction and sol-gel processLin, H.-L.; Chao, T.-Y.; Shih, Y.-F.; Dai, S.A.; Su, W.-C.; Jeng, R.-J.; RU-JONG JENG Polymers for Advanced Technologies 1412
122008Study on the formation defect of nano imprinted optical waveguide devices and nano-indentation detectionWeng, Y.-J.; Weng, Y.-C.; Yang, S.-Y.; Wong, J.-LPolymers for Advanced Technologies 97
131995Surface Structures of Fluoropolymer, Polyolefin and Polyester Films After Modification by Graft Polymerization廖德章; Neoh, K. G.; Tan, K. L.; Loh, F. C.; Liaw, D. J.; Liaw, Der-Jang; Tan, K. L.Polymers for Advanced Technologies