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120061 × N<sup>2</sup> Wavelength-selective switch with two cross-scanning one-axis analog micromirror arrays in a 4 - F optical SystemTsai, J.-C.; Huang, S.T.-Y.; Hah, D.; Wu, M.C.; JUI-CHE TSAI Journal of Lightwave Technology 4030
220061?N2 wavelength-selective switch with two cross-scanning one-axis analog micromirror arrays in a 4-f optical systemTsai, J.; Sophia Ting-Yu Huang; Hah, D.; Wu, M.C.Journal of Lightwave Technology 
32010A 2 x 2 Split Cross-Bar Optical Switch Using a Hybrid Actuation ConfigurationLiao, Bo-Ting; Chia, Bonnie Tingting; Shih, Sun-Chih; Fan, Kuang-Chao; Yang, Yao-Joe JosephJOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY 11
42009A 2x2 Mechanical Optical Switch With a Thin MEMS MirrorFan, Kuang-Chao; Lin, Wu-Lang; Chiang, Li-Hung; Chen, Shou-Heng; Chung, Tien-Tung ; Yang, Yao-JoeJournal of Lightwave Technology 
52006A high electromagnetic immunity plastic composite package for a 10-gb/s optical transceiver moduleT.-L. Wu; M.-C. Lin; C.-W. Lin; W.-S. Jou; T.-T. Shih; W.-H. Cheng; TZONG-LIN WU Journal of Lightwave Technology 22
62013A self-started DFBLD/EAM pulsed carrier for down-stream RZ-BPSK and up-stream reused RZ-OOK transmission at 10 Gbit/sChi, Y.-C.; Lin, G.-R.; GONG-RU LIN Journal of Lightwave Technology 88
72015A Study on the Fiber Dispersion Effect for the Generation of Quasi-Sinusoidal Terahertz Modulations on Optical PulsesCHI-KUANG SUN Journal of Lightwave Technology 10
82003A surface micromachined optical scanner array using photoresist lenses fabricated by a thermal reflow processToshiyoshi, H.; Su, G.-D.J.; LaCosse, J.; Wu, M.C.; GUO-DUNG JOHN SU Journal of Lightwave Technology 8165
91996A wavelength encoded multichannel optical bus for local area networksC. C. Chen; L. A. Wang; S. Y. Kuo; LON A. WANG Journal of Lightwave Technology 22
102010A weak-resonant-cavity fabryperot laser diode with injection-locking mode number-dependent transmission and noise performancesLin, G.-R.; Cheng, T.-K.; Lin, Y.-H.; Lin, G.-C.; Wang, H.-L.; GONG-RU LIN Journal of Lightwave Technology 2117
112015All colorless FPLD-based bidirectional full-duplex DWDM-PONSu, Y.-C.; Chi, Y.-C.; Chen, H.-Y.; Lin, G.-R.; GONG-RU LIN Journal of Lightwave Technology 109
122007All-Optical Decision-Gating of 10-Gb/s RZ Data in a Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Temporally Gain-Shaped With Dark-Optical-CombLin, Gong-Ru ; Yu, Kun-Chieh; Pan, Ci-Ling; Liao, Yu-ShengJournal of Lightwave Technology 54
131992An Efficient Method for Determining the Chromatic Dispersion Characteristics of Nonlinear Single-Mode Optical FibersLin, H.Y.; Chang, H.-C.; HOANG-YAN LIN Journal of Lightwave Technology 60
141998An iterative finite difference beam propagation method for modeling second-order nonlinear effects in optical waveguidesChou, H.-F.; Lin, C.-F.; Wang, G.-C.; CHING-FUH LIN Journal of Lightwave Technology 2020
152007Analysis of Multimode Interference Coupler with a Width of Arbitrary-Exponent Binomial FunctionLu, Hung-Chih; Wang, Way-SeenJournal of Lightwave Technology 
162002Analysis of phase-matching conditions in flexural-wave modulated fiber Bragg gratingSun, N.-H.; Chou, C.-C.; Chang, M.-J.; Lin, C.-N.; Yang, C.-C.; Kiang, Y.-W.; Liu, W.-F.; CHIH-CHUNG YANG Journal of Lightwave Technology 2418
172009Analysis of the cross-sectional width of the optical phase conjugation refocusing of light multiply scattered through macroscopic random mediaTseng, S.H.; SNOW H. TSENG Journal of Lightwave Technology 01
182008Analysis of ultra-broadband amplified spontaneous emissions generated by Cr4+:YAG single and glass-clad crystal fibersHuang, Kuang Yao; Hsu, Kuang Yu; Huang, Sheng Lung Journal of Lightwave Technology 1813
192011Beyond-bandwidth electrical pulse modulation of a TO-can packaged VCSEL for 10 Gbit/s injection-locked NRZ-to-RZ transmissionLin, C.-C.; Chi, Y.-C.; Kuo, H.-C.; Peng, P.-C.; Chang-Hasnain, C.J.; Lin, G.-R.; GONG-RU LIN Journal of Lightwave Technology 2724
202012Broadband chromium-doped fiber amplifiers for next-generation optical communication systemsYeh, S.-M.; SHENG-LUNG HUANG et al. Journal of Lightwave Technology 2724