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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
11999Analysis of eddy currents in a bar containing an embedded defectLiaw, J. W.; Chu, S. L.; Yeh, C. S.; Kuo, M. K.NDT & E International 
22001Application of neural networks to laser ultrasonic NDE of bonded structuresTsai, C. -D.; Wu, T. -T.; Liu, Y. -H.NDT & E International 
32008Application of the wavelet transform and the enhanced Fourier spectrum in the impact echo testYeh, Po-Liang; Liu, Pei-Ling NDT & E International 5339
41996Determination of surface wave velocities in a prestressed anisotropic solidChai, J.-F.; Wu, T.-T.NDT & E International 
52010Development of auto defect classification system on porosity powder metallurgy productsFan, Kuang-Chao; Chen, Shou-Hang; Chen, Jhih-Yuan; Liao, Wei-BorNDT & E International 2319
62008Imaging of internal cracks in concrete structures using the surface rendering techniqueYehand, Po-Liang; Liu, Pei-Ling NDT & E International 1412
71996Imaging of surface-breaking concrete cracks using transient elastic wavesLiu, Pei-Ling ; Tsai, Chong-Dao; Wu, Tsung-Tsong NDT & E International 38
82000On the study of elastic wave scattering and Rayleigh wave velocity measurement of concrete with steel barWu, T. -T.; Sun, J. -H.; Tong, J. -H.; TSUNG-TSONG WU NDT & E International 1210
92001Scan of surface-opening cracks in reinforced concrete using transient elastic wavesLiu, P. -L.; Lee, K. -H.; Wu, T. -T.; Kuo, M. -K.; LiuPL ; LeeKHWuTT ; TSUNG-TSONG WU NDT & E International 2424
102010Vertical spectral tomography of concrete structures based on impact echo depth spectraLiu, P.-L.; Yeh, P.-L.NDT & E International 1816