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11998Acceleration Feedback Control of Seismic StructuresChung, L.L.; Wu, L.Y.; Jin, T.G.Engineering Structures 
22011Analytical model validation and influence of column bases for seismic responses of steel post-tensioned self-centering MRF systemsChou, Chung-Che ; Chen, Jun-HenEngineering Structures 4744
32010Analytical studies of a full-scale steel building shaken to collapseYu, Yi-Jer; Tsai, Keh-Chyuan ; Weng, Yuan-Tao; Lin, Bo-Zhou; Lin, Jui-LiangEngineering Structures 2216
42012Applicability investigation of code-defined procedures on seismic performance assessment of typical school buildings in TaiwanChung, Lap-Loi; Chen, Yung-Tsang; Sun, Chi-Hsiang; Lien, Kuan-Hua; Wu, Lai-YunEngineering Structures 32
52011Bi‐directional coupled tuned mass dampers for the seismic response control of two‐way asymmetric‐plan buildingsLin, Jui-Liang; Tsai, Keh-Chyuan ; KEH-CHYUAN TSAI Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 2419
62009Collapse of a nonductile concrete frame: Shaking table testsWu, Chiun-Lin; Kuo, Wu-Wei; Yang, Yuan-Sen; Hwang, Shyh-Jiann ; Elwood, Kenneth J.; Loh, Chin-Hsiung ; Moehle, Jack P.Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 5137
72010Column restraint in post‐tensioned self‐centering moment framesChou, Chung-Che ; CHUNG-CHE CHOU Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 2826
82011Consistent virtual work approach for the nonlinear and postbuckling analysis of steel frames under thermal and mechanical loadingsYang, Y.B.; Chen, C.T.; Lin, T.J.; Hung, C.R.Engineering Structures 44
92010Cyclic behavior of precast segmental concrete bridge columns with high performance or conventional steel reinforcing bars as energy dissipation barsOu, Yu-Chen ; Tsai, Mu-Sen; Chang, Kuo-Chun ; Lee, George C.Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 169131
102010Cyclic tests of four two‐story narrow steel plate shear walls. Part 2: experimental results and design implicationsLi, Chao-Hsien; Tsai, Keh-Chyuan ; Lin, Chih-Han; KEH-CHYUAN TSAI Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 5642
112009Experimental Performance Evaluation of An “Equipment Isolation Using MR-Dampers,”Fan, Yu-Cheng; Loh, Chin-Hsiung ; Yang, Jann N.; Lin, Pei-YangEarthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 
122011Experimental study on retrofit of school buildings by adding sandwich columns to partition brick wallsChung, L.L.; Wu, L.Y.; Lien, K.H.Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 66
132005Experimental study on the dynamic response of gravity-designed reinforced concrete connectionsDhakal, R.P.; Pan, T.C.; Irawan, P.; Tsai, K.C.; Lin, K.C.; Chen, C.H.Engineering Structures 5751
142011An experimental study on the rocking response of bridge piers with spread footing foundationsHung, Hsiao-Hui; Liu, Kuang-Yen; Ho, Tzu-Hui; Chang, Kuo-Chun Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 4640
152007Experimental Verification of Wireless Sensing and Control System for Structural Control Using MR-DampersLoh, C. H.Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 
162010Force transfer mechanism and shear strength of reinforced concrete beamsKuo, W.W.; Cheng, T.J.; SHYH-JIANN HWANG Engineering Structures 2826
172008GA-optimized fuzzy logic control of a large-scale building for seismic loadsShook, David A; Roschke, Paul N.; Lin, Pei-Yang; Loh, Chin-Hsiung Engineering Structures 7146
181987General Dynamic-Stiffness Matrix of a Timoshenko Beam for Transverse VibrationsChen, Yung-HsiangEarthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 
192004Geometric Stiffness of Membranes Using Symbolic AlgebraLevy, R.; Chen, C.-S.; Lin, C-W.; CHUIN-SHAN CHEN Engineering Structures 98
202008Hysteretic Model Development and Seismic Response of Unbonded Post-tensioned Precast CFT Segmental Bridge ColumnsChou, C. C.; Hsu, C. P.Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics 4639