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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)SourcescopusWOSFulltext/Archive link
12013A computer virus spreading model based on resource limitations and interaction costsChung-Yuan Huang; Chun-Liang Lee; Tzai-Hung Wen; Chuen-Tsai Sun; TZAI-HUNG WEN Journal of Systems and Software 2025
22012A fast algorithm for Huffman decoding based on a recursion Huffman treeSHU-CHIEN HUANGJournal of Systems and Software 85
32006A faster exact schedulability analysis for fixed-priority schedulingLu, Wan-Chen; Hsieh, Jen-Wei; Shih, Wei-Kuan; Kuo, Tei-Wei; TEI-WEI KUO ; Lu, Wan-Chen Journal of Systems and Software 56
42007Active ERP Implementation Management: A Real Options PerspectiveWu, Liang-Chuan; Chorng-Shyong Ong ; Yaowen HsuJournal of Systems and Software 5645
52009An anomaly prevention approach for real-time task schedulingChen, Ya-Shu; Chang, Li-Pin; Kuo, Tei-Wei; Mok, Aloysius K.; TEI-WEI KUO Journal of Systems and Software 53
62008Bidder-anonymous English auction scheme with privacy and public verifiabilityChung, Yu Fang; Huang, Kuo Hsuan; Lee, Hsiu Hui; Lai, Feipei; Chen, Tzer ShyongJournal of Systems and Software 
72004Efficient validation of mobile transactions in wireless environmentsLee, Victor C. S.; Lam, Kwok Wa; Kuo, Tei-Wei; TEI-WEI KUO Journal of Systems and Software 2316
82009Fair anonymous rewarding based on electronic cashChun-I Fan; Shi-Yuan Huang; Pei-Hsiu Ho; Chin-Laung Lei; CHIN-LAUNG LEI Journal of Systems and Software 86
92007GSR: A global seek-optimizing real-time disk-scheduling algorithmChang, H.-P.; Chang, R.-I.; Shih, W.-K.; Chang, R.-C.; Chang, Hsung-Pin; Chang, Ray-I; Shih, Wei-Kuan; Chang, Ruei-Chuan; Chang, Hsung-Pin; RAY-I CHANG ; Chang, Ray-I ; Shih, Wei-Kuan; Chang, Ruei-ChuanJournal of Systems and Software 128
102011Huffman-code strategies to improve MFCVQ-based reversible data hiding for VQ indexesSHU-CHIEN HUANGJournal of Systems and Software 2322
111992A layered communication system generatorHung, Yung-Chen; Chen, Gen-Huey Journal of Systems and Software 
122004Location management in cellular mobile computing systems with dynamic hierarchical location databasesLi, G.-H.; Lam, K.-Y.; Kuo, T.-W.; Lo, S.-W.; TEI-WEI KUO Journal of Systems and Software 107
132009Mining frequent patterns in image databases with 9D-SPA representationLee, A.J.T.; Liu, Y.-H.; Tsai, H.-M.; Lin, H.-H.; Wu, H.-W.; HSIN-MU TSAI Journal of Systems and Software 149
142005Multi-Disk Scheduling for High-Performance RAID-0 DevicesLo, Shi Wu; Kuo, Tei Wei ; Lam, Kam yiuJournal of Systems and Software 
152005Multi-disk scheduling for time-constrained requests in RAID-0 devicesLo, S.-W.; Kuo, T.-W.; Lam, K.-Y.; TEI-WEI KUO Journal of Systems and Software 00
161993Performance modeling and analysis of load balancing policies with priority queueingLiu, Rong-Chau; Wang, Sheng-De Journal of Systems and Software 
172005Sensitivity Analysis of Software Reliability for Component-Based Software ApplicationsLo, Jung-Hua; Huang, Chin-Yu; Chen, Ing-Yi; Kuo, Sy-Yen; Lyu, Michael R.Journal of Systems and Software 
182005Sensitivity Analysis of Software Reliability for Component-Based Software ApplicationsJ. H. Lo; C. Y. Huang; I. Y.Chen; S. Y. Kuo; M. R. Lyu; SY-YEN KUO Journal of Systems and Software 14
192002Strategies for resolving inter-class data conflicts in mixed real-time database systemsLam, K.-Y.; Kuo, T.-W.; Lee, T.S.H.; TEI-WEI KUO Journal of Systems and Software