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12015A Retrospective Multicenter Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Rabbit Antithymocyte Globulin (rATG) Immunosuppressive Therapy As First-Line Treatment of Aplastic AnemiaChuncharunee, Suporn; Wong, Raymond S. M.; Rojnuckarin, Ponlapat; Chang, Cheng-Shyong; Chang, Kian Meng; Lu, Meng-YaoBlood 
21998Apoptotic Signal of Fas Is Not Mediated by CeramideHsu, Shu-Ching; Wu, Chia-Cheng; Luh, Tien-Yau ; Chou, Chen-Kung; Han, Shau-Hwa; Lai, Ming-ZongBlood 6259
32005Arsenic Suppresses Gene Expression in Promyelocytic Leukemia Cells Partly through Sp1 OxidationCHOU, WEN-CHIEN; YU, SUNG-LIANG; YANG, PAN-CHYRBLOOD 
42015B Cell Immune Profiles in Essential Thrombocythemia with Calr Mutations: Clinical and Molecular CorrelatesChang, Yu-Cheng; Lim, Ken-Hong; Lin, Huan-Chau; Chiang, Yi-Hao; Huang, Ling; Kao, Chen-Wei; Chang, Chiao-Yi; Lin, Ching-Sung; Su, Nai-Wen; Lin, Johnson; Hsieh, Ruey-Kuen; Chang, Ming-Chih; Chang, Yi-Fang; Chen, Caleb Gon-Shen; Kuo, Yuan-Yeh; Chou, Wen-ChienBlood 
52009Bone marrow angiogenesis MR imaging in patients with acute myeloid leukemia: peak enhancement ratio is an independent predictor for over-all survival.Shih, TTF; Hou, HA; Liu, CY; Chen, BB; Tang, JL; Chen, HY; Wei, SY; Yao, M; Huang, SY; Chou, WC; Hsu, SC; Tsay, W; Yu, CW; Hsu, CY; Tien, HF; Yang, PCBlood 
62008Clinical and Biological Characterization of Adult Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia Bearing T(7;11)(P15;P15)-Analysis of 536 PatientsCHOU, WEN-CHIEN; CHEN, CHIEN-YUAN; HOU, HSIN-AN; LIN, LIANG-IN; TANG, JIH-LUH; YAO, MING; TSAY, WOEI; TIEN, HWEI-FANGBLOOD 
72004Cross-linking of p-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 induced death of activated T cells.Chen, SC; Huang, CC; Chien, CL; Jeng, CJ; Su, HT; Chiang, E; Liu, MR; Wu, CH; Chang, CN; Lin, RHBlood 
81991Deletion of the Human Retinoblastoma Gene in Primary Leukemias陳耀昌; 陳培哲; Yeh, Shiou-Hwei; 田蕙芬; 王秋華; Tang, Jih-Luh; Hong, Ruey-Long; 陳宜君(Chen, Yee-Chun); 陳培哲; Yeh, Shiou-Hwei; 田蕙芬; Wang, Chiu-Hwa; Tang, Jih-Luh; 陳宜君(Chen, Yee-Chun)Blood 
92003Distinctive Mechanisms of Impaired Cxcr4/Sdf Chemotaxis in Acute LeukemiaLIN, LIANG-IN; LIN, DONG-TSAMN; TANG, JIH-LUH; TIEN, HWEI-FANGBLOOD 
102012DNMT3A mutations in De Novo Myelodysplastic Syndrome: Distinct Clinico-Biological Features and Prognostic RelevanceLin, Ming-En; Hou, Hsin-An; Kuo, Yuan-Yeh; Chou, Wen-Chien; Lee, Ming Cheng; Md, Chien-Yuan Chen; Lai, Yan-Jun; Tseng, Mei-Hsuan; Huang, Chi-Fei; Chiang, Ying-Chieh; Lee, Fen-Yu; Liu, Ming-Chih; Liu, Chia-Wen; Tang, Jih-Luh; Yao, Ming; Huang, Shang-Yi; Ko, Bor-Sheng; Hsu, Szu-Chun; Wu, Shang-Ju; Tsay, Woei; Chen, Yao-Chang; Tien, Hwei-Fang; 陳宜君Blood 
112008Engineered Factor Ix with Augmented Clotting Activities in a Hemophilia B Mouse ModelSHI, GUEY-YUEH; YU, I-SHING; TAO, MI-HUA; LIN, SHU-WHABLOOD 
121995Factor VIII gene inversions in severe hemophilia A: Results from an international consortiumAntonarakis, SE; Rossiter, JP; Young, M; Horst, J; de Moerloose, P; Sommer, SS; Kazazian, HH; Negrier, C; Vinciguerra, C; Gitschier, J; Goossens, M; Girodon, E; Ghanem, N; Plassa, F; Lavergne, JM; Vidaud, M; Costa, JM; Lin, SW; Lin, SR; Shen, MC; Lillicrap, D; Taylor, SAM; et, al.Blood 
131995Factor Ⅷ gene inversions in severe hemophilia a: results of an international consortium studyANTONARAKIS S.E.; ROSSITER J.P.; YOUNG M.; WANG, T.-D.; DE MOERLOOSE P.; SOMMER S.S.; KETTERLING R.P.; KAZAZIAN JR H.H.; LIN, SHU-RUNG; LIN, SHU-WHA; SHEN, MING-CHINGBLOOD 
142004Fludarabine Treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Patients Induces a p53-Dependent Gene Expression ResponseRosenwald, Andreas; Chuang, Eric Y.; Davis, R. Eric; Wiestner, Adrian; Alizadeh, Ash A.; Arthur, Diane C.; Mitchell, James B.; Marti, Gerald E.; Fowler, Daniel H.; Wilson, Wyndham H.; Staudt, Louis M.Blood 
152007I branching formation in erythroid differentiation is regulated by transcription factor C/EBPαTwu, Yuh-Ching; Chen, Chie-Pein; Hsieh, Chuang-Yi; Tzeng, Cheng-Hwai; Sun, Chien-Feng; Wang, Shih-Hsin; Chang, Mau-Sun ; Yu, Lung-Chih Blood 1513
162002Identification of Functionally Important Residues in the Protease Domain of Factor Ix That Are Critical for Binding Factor Xia, Tfpi, and AntibodiesLIN, SHU-RUNG; HSU, YA-CHU; LIN, SHU-WHABLOOD 
172004Identification of Residues in Asn 89, Ile 90 and Val 107 of the Factor Ixa Second Epidermal Growth Factor Domain That Are Essential for the Assembly of the Factor-X Activating Complex on Activated PlateletsLIN, SHU-WHABLOOD 
181991Infection of Human T-cell Leukemia Virus Type I and Developement of Human T-cell Leukemia/Lymphoma in Patients with Hematologic Neoplasms:a Possible Linkage to Blood Transfusion陳耀昌; Wang, Chiu-Hwa; Su, Ih-Jen; 胡忠怡; Chou, Ming-Ji; Lee, Tun-Hou; Lin, Dong-Tsamn; Chung, Tze-Yuan; Liu, Chen-Hui; 楊照雄; 陳耀昌; 胡忠怡; Lin, Dong-Tsamn; Chung, Tze-Yuan; Liu, Chen-Hui; Yang, Czau-SiungBlood 
192002Inhibition of constitutively active forms of mutant kit by multi-targeted indolinone tyrosine kinase inhibitorsLiao, AT; Chien, MB; Shenoy, N; Mendel, DB; McMahon, G; Cherrington, JM; London, CABlood 10297
202003Involvement of P38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase in Different Stages of Thymocyte DevelopmentWU, CHIA-CHENG; LAI, MING-ZONGBLOOD