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12005A brownish elastic-firm nodule on the right nipple in a 56-year-old manCHIA-YU CHUDermatologica Sinica 
22016A case of segmental lichen aureus following the venous drainageDermatologica Sinica 00
32006A large elevated tumor on the back of a 78-year-old manTSEN-FANG TSAIDermatologica Sinica 
42007A subcutaneous nodule on neck in 13-year-old girlTSEN-FANG TSAIDermatologica Sinica 
52007Acquired idiopathic generalized anhidrosis - Four cases reportTSEN-FANG TSAIDermatologica Sinica 
62005An asymptomatic nodule on the lower eyelidJau-Shiuh ChenDermatologica Sinica 
72008An eccrine porocarcinoma with bowenoid features on the NeckDermatologica Sinica 
82007Association of HPV type 16 and 49 in multiple acral squamous cell carcinomasYI-HUA LIAODermatologica Sinica 
92009Azathioprine-induced severe bone marrow toxicity - A report of 3 casesCHIA-YU CHUDermatologica Sinica 
102009Azathioprine-induced severe bone marrow toxicity - A report of 3 casesTSEN-FANG TSAIDermatologica Sinica 
112008Bullous pemphigoid with esophageal involvement presenting as exfoliative esophagitis and acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding: Reports of two cases and review of the literatureCHIA-YU CHUDermatologica Sinica 
122007Clinical analysis of psoriatic inpatients - A 10-year retrospective studyTSEN-FANG TSAIDermatologica Sinica 
132005Current status and prospect for psoriasis treatment in TaiwanTSEN-FANG TSAIDermatologica Sinica 
142006Dercum's diseaseLI-FANG WANG Dermatologica Sinica 
152006Dercum's diseaseHSIEN-CHING CHIUDermatologica Sinica 
162006Dercum's diseaseYi-Shuan SheenDermatologica Sinica 
172006Dermatological outpatient services utilization among the elderly in Taiwan: A national profileCHIEN-CHANG LEEDermatologica Sinica 
182007Dermatomyositis presenting with erythroderma - A case reportTSEN-FANG TSAIDermatologica Sinica 
192007Diagnostic confirmation of X-linked recessive ichthyosis by fluorescent in situ hybridization - A case reportMING CHEN Dermatologica Sinica 
202012Epicutaneous sensitization with protein antigenLI-FANG WANG Dermatologica Sinica 22