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12008Coupling of FRET and Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Regioregular Silylene-Spaced Energy Donor–Acceptor?Electron Donor CopolymersWang, Hsian-Wen; Yeh, Mei-Yu; Chen, Chih-Hsien; Lim, Tsong-Shin; Fann, Wunshain; Luh, Tien-Yau Macromolecules 
22005Effect of Conjugation Length on Intrachain Chromophore?Chromophore Interaction in Silylene-Spaced Divinyloligoarene CopolymersCheng, Yen-Ju; Basu, Sourav; Luo, Shr-Jie; TIEN-YAU LUH Macromolecules 2325
32005High Thermal Stability and Rigid Rod of Novel Organosoluble Polyimides and Polyamides Based on Bulky and Noncoplanar Naphthalene?BiphenyldiamineLiaw, Der-Jang; Chang, Feng-Chyuan; Leung, Man-kit ; Chou, Meng-Yen; Muellen, KlausMacromolecules 224213
42007A Novel Electrochromic Polymer Synthesized through Electropolymerization of a New Donor?Acceptor Bipolar SystemNatera, Jose; Otero, Luis; Sereno, Leonides; Fungo, Fernando; Wang, Nung-Sen; Tsai, Yeun-Min; Hwu, Tsyr-Yuan; KEN-TSUNG WONG Macromolecules 122122
52007Photoinduced Electron Transfer in Silylene-Spaced Copolymers Having Alternating Donor?Acceptor ChromophoresWang, Hsian-Wen; Cheng, Yen-Ju; Chen, Chih-Hsien; Lim, Tsong-Shin; Fann, Wunshain; Lin, Cheng-Lan; Chang, Yuan-Pin; Lin, Kin-Chuan; KING-CHUEN LIN ; TIEN-YAU LUH Macromolecules 4242
62009Poly(bisnorbornanedicil)Lin, Nai-Ti; Lee, Sherng-Long; Yu, Jian-Yuan; Chen, Chun-hsien ; Huang, Shou-Ling; Luh, Tien-Yau MACROMOLECULES 
72009Poly(bisnorbornanediol)Lin, N. T.; Lee, S. L.; Yu, J. Y.; Chen, C. h.; Huang, S. L.; Luh, T. Y.Macromolecules 
82008Synthesis, Electrochemical Behavior, and Electronic Properties of Hyperbranched Poly(p-methylenetriphenylamine): An Unexpected Condensation Polymerization from N-[4-(Tosyloxybutyloxymethyl)phenyl]-N,N-diphenylamineLin, Kun-Rung; Chang Chien, Ying-Hsueh; Chang, Chin-Chuan; Hsieh, Kuo-Huang ; Leung, Man-kit Macromolecules 1616
92007Thorpe-Ingold Effect on Photoinduced Electron Transfer of Dialkylsilylene-Spaced Divinylarene Copolymers Having Alternating Donor and Acceptor ChromophoresYeh, Mei-Yu; Lin, Hsin-Chieh; Lee, Shern-Long; Chen, Chun-hsien ; Lim, Tsong-Shin; Fann, Wunshain; Luh, Tien-Yau Macromolecules 1718
102010White Light-Emitting Devices Based on Star-Shape Polymers with a Bisindolylmaleimide CoreLin, Zhenghuan; Lin, Yan-Duo; Wu, Cheng-Ya; Chow, Po-Ting; Sun, Chia-Hsing; Chow, Tahsin J.Macromolecules 4646