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12013A correction coefficient for pollutant removal in free water surface wetlands using first-order modelingShih, S.-S.; Kuo, P.-H.; Fang, W.-T.; LePage, B.A.; Shang-Shu Shih Ecological Engineering 1112
22012An integrated modeling approach to evaluate the performance of an oxygen enhancement device in the Hwajiang wetland, TaiwanCheng, S.-T.; Hwang, G.-W.; Chen, C.-P.; Hou, W.-S.; Hsieh, H.-L; Su-Ting Cheng ; Gwo-Wen Hwang; Chang-Po Chen; Wen-Shang Hou; Hwey-Lian HsiehEcological Engineering 66
32015Anaerobic nitrate reduction with oxidation of Fe(II) by Citrobacter Freundii strain PXL1 - a potential candidate for simultaneous removal of As and nitrate from groundwaterLi B.; Pan X.; Zhang D.; Lee D.-J. ; Al-Misned F.A.; Mortuza M.G.Ecological Engineering 4042
42006Biological responses to environmental forcing : The linear tracking window hypothesisHSIEH Chih-Hao ; OHMAN, Mark D.Ecology 
52014Changes in the visual preference after stream remediation using an image power spectrum: Stone revetment construction in the Nan-Shi-Ken stream, TaiwanHo, L.-C.; Chen, J.-C.; Chang, C.-Y.; CHUN-YEN CHANG Ecological Engineering 03
62008Climatic effects and impacts of lakeshore bank designs on the activity of Chirixalus idiootocus in Yilan, TaiwanHou, Wen-Shang; Chang, Yuan-Hsiou; Wang, Hsiao-WenEcological Engineering 1618
72003Comparison of rhodamine WT and bromide in the determination of hydraulic characteristics of constructed wetlandsLin, A.Y.-C.; Debroux, J.-F.; Cunningham, J.A.; Reinhard, M.; ANGELA YU-CHEN LIN Ecological Engineering 8580
82011Development of a salinity-secondary flow-approach model to predict mangrove spreadingShih, S.-S.; Yang, S.-C.; Lee, H.-Y.; Hwang, G.-W.; Hsu, Y.-M.; Shang-Shu Shih ; Shih, Shang-Shu ; Yang, Sheng-Chi; Lee, Hong-Yuan ; Hwang, Gwo-Wen; Hsu, Yu-MinEcological Engineering 1314
92012Economic and environmental analysis of using constructed riparian wetlands to support urbanized municipal wastewater treatmentTeng, C.-J.; Leu, S.-Y.; Ko, C.-H.; Fan, C.; Sheu, Y.-S.; Hu, H.-Y.; CHIHHAO FAN ; CHUN-HAN KO Ecological Engineering 68
102016Flow uniformity and hydraulic efficiency improvement of deep-water constructed wetlandsChang, T.-J.; Chang, Y.-S.; Lee, W.-T.; Shih, S.-S.; Shang-Shu Shih Ecological Engineering 1113
112015Geomorphologic dynamics and maintenance following mudflat, creek and pond formation in an estuarine mangrove wetlandShih, S.-S.; Hwang, G.-W.; Hsieh, H.-L.; Chen, C.-P.; Chen, Y.-C.; Shang-Shu Shih Ecological Engineering 34
122004Impacts of vegetation changes on the hydraulic and sediment transport characteristics in Guandu mangrove wetlandLee, Hong-Yuan ; Shih, Shang-Shu Ecological Engineering 3941
132008Model-based evaluations of spur dikes for fish habitat improvement: A case study of endemic species Varicorhinus barbatulus (Cyprinidae) and Hemimyzon formosanum (Homalopteridae) in Lanyang River, TaiwanShang-Shu Shih Ecological Engineering 1818
142009Optimal design for hydraulic efficiency performance of free-water-surface constructed wetlandsSu, T.M.; Shang-Shu Shih ; Yang, S.C.; Lee, S.S. ; Shih, H.Y.Ecological Engineering 5460
152011Performance evaluation and phylogenic analysis of a full-scale subsurface cobble-bed biofilm systemFan, C.; Hu, H.-Y.; Hsue, Y.-S.; Chen, Y.-H.; Chen, H.-J.; CHIHHAO FAN Ecological Engineering 43
162013Sorption of selected aromatic compounds by vegetablesChang, Meei-ling; Wang, Ming-jia; Kuo, Dave Ta Fu; Shih, Yang-hsin; YANG-HSIN SHIH Ecological Engineering 00
172014Sulfate reduction and denitrifying sulfide removal as a natural remediation process in an inland riverGuo H.; Chen C.; Lee D.-J. ; Liu L.; Xu X.; Wang L.; Wang A.; Gao D.; Ren N.Ecological Engineering 57
182014The influence of habitat construction technique on the ecological characteristics of a restored brackish marshCHUAN-KAI HO Ecological Engineering 1214
192013The salinity gradient influences on the inundation tolerance thresholds of mangrove forestsYang, S.-C.; Shih, S.-S.; Hwang, G.-W.; Adams, J.B.; Lee, H.-Y.; Chen, C.-P.; Shang-Shu Shih Ecological Engineering 2124
202015Toward the practicability of a heat transfer model for green roofsChen, P.-Y.; Li, Y.-H.; Lo, W.-H.; Tung, C.-P.; CHING-PIN TUNG Ecological Engineering 89