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12008The application of PCR method on Collared Scops Owl and Tawny Fish Owl sex identificationHsu, H.A.; Chao, M.C.; Chan, F.T., Wang, L.M.; Wang, P.H.; Ding, S.T.conference paper
22008Association of single nucleotide polymorphism in the embryonic differentially expressed genes with reproductive traits in pigsChen, Y.H.; Chen, H.C.; Hung, S.C.; Lin, E.C.; Cheng, W.T.K.; Ding, S.T.conference paper
32007Development and characterization of a specific anti-caveolin-1 antibody for caveolin-1 study in human, goat and mouseKe, M. W.; Y. N. Jiang; Y. H. Li; T. Y. Tseng; M. S. Kung; C. S. Huang; W. T. K. Cheng; J. T. Hsu; Y. T. Jujournal article
42002Effect of aflatoxin B1 on the function of peritoneal macrophage from mule duckCheng, Y. H.; Shen, T. F.; Pang, V. F.; Chen B. J.journal article88
52000Effect of feed restrition on adipocyte transcript concentrations in genetically lean and obese pigs.McNeel, R.L.; Ding, S.T.; Mersmann, H.J.journal article
61991Effects of defaunation and various nitrogen supplementation regimens on ruminal microbial density and activity.Hsu, J. T.; Fahey, G. C.; Merchen, N. R.; Mackie, R. I.journal article
72000Effects of hormones and butyrate on β-adrenergic receptors and transcript concentrations in isolated porcine adipocyte.Ding, S.T.; McNeel, R. L.; E.O. Smith; Mersmann, H.J.journal article
82000Effects of isoproterenol on β-adrenergic receptors and transcript concentrations in isolated porcine adipocyte.Ding, S.T.; McNeel, R. L.; E.O. Smith; Mersmann, H.J.journal article
92004Effects of age and lines on blood parameters in laying Tsaiya ducksLee, S. R.; Shen, T. F.; Jiang, Y. N.journal article
101991Effects of urea and sodium bicarbonate supplementation of a high fiber diet on nutrient digestionand ruminal characteris_TTS.DATEHsu, J. T.; Fahey, G. C.; J. H. Clark, Berger, L. L.; Merchen, N. R.journal article
111987Evaluation of corn fiber, cottonseed hulls, oat hulls and soybean hulls as roughage sources for ruminants.Hsu, J. T.; Faulkner, D. B.; Garleb, K. A.; Barclay, R. A.; Fahey, G. C.; Berger, L.L.journal article600
122000Expression of porcine transcription factors and genes related to fatty acid metabolism in different tissues and genetic populations.Ding, S.T.; Schinckel, A.P, T.E. Weber; Mersmann, H.J.journal article720
132002Induction of changes in morphology, reactive nitrogen/oxygen intermediates and apoptosis of duck macrophages by aflatoxin B1Cheng, Y. H.; Shen, T. F.; Chen, B. J.journal article
142008Inter-population and intra-population maternal lineage genetics of Lanyu pig (Sus scrofa) by analysis of mitochondrial cytochrome b and control region sequencesJiang, Y. N.; Wu, C. Y.; Huang, C. Y.; Chu, H. P.; Ke, M. W.; Kung, M. S.; Li, S. H.; Li, K. Y.; Wang, Y.; Ju, Y. T.journal article
151991Isolation and chemical analyses of nonfermentable fiber fractions of oat hulls and cottonseed hulls.Garleb, K. A.; Bourquin, L. D.; Hsu, J. T.; Wanger, G. W; Schmit, S. J.; Fahey, G. C.journal article
161991Manipulation of nitrogen digestion by sheep using defaunation and various nitrogen supplementation regimens.Hsu, J. T.; Fahey, G. C.; Berger, L. L.; Mackie, R. I.; Merchen, N. R.journal article80
172004Monitoring the reproduction status of dairy cows by urinary pregnanediol glucuronideYang, C. J.; Wu, L. S.; S. H. Liu; J. H. Linjournal article
182003The role of magnesium and calcium in eggshell formation in Tsaiya ducks and Leghorn hens.Shen, T. F.; Chen, W. L.journal article
192002Studies on lao-chao culture filtrate for a flavoring agent in a yogurt-like productLiu, Y.C.; Chen, M.J.; Lin, C.W.journal article80
202001Studies on the optimum models of the dairy products kou woan lao using response surface methodology.Weng, W. L.; Y. C. Liu; Lin, C. W.journal article