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120032002年台灣登革熱流行區埃及斑蚊的抗藥性林鶯熹; 吳淑靜; 徐爾烈; 鄧華真; 何兆美; 白秀華臺灣昆蟲 
22014Appum, a Drosophila Homolog of pumilio in the Pea Aphid: Cloning, Developmental Expression, and Presumptive Roles in Posterior PatterningChen-Yo Chung; Jou-Han Chen; Chun-Che Chang; CHUN-CHE CHANG 臺灣昆蟲 
32002Checklist of Lycidae (Coleoptera: Elateriformia) of TaiwanJeng, Ming-Luen; Yang, Ping-Shih; Sat?, Masataka臺灣昆蟲 
42012Comparative Study of Species Composition and Seasonal Activity of Necrophilous Beetles with Emphasis on Aphodiinae and Scarabaeinae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in Subtropical and Tropical TaiwanWen-Be Hwang; Shiuh-Feng Shiao; SHIUH-FENG SHIAO 臺灣昆蟲 
52006Dialeuropora photiniana (Young) comb. nov. and Redescription of Dialeurolonga malleswaramensis Sundararaj (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae)Dubey, Anil Kumar; Ko, Chiun-Cheng 臺灣昆蟲 
62008Identification of a new invasive Q biotype of Bemisia tabaci (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) by molecular markersHsieh, C.-H.; Wu, F.-S.; Chiang, Y.-H.; Fang, H.-T.; Ko, C.-C.臺灣昆蟲 
72006Inventory of Stag Beetles on the Da-lu Forest Road in the Kuanwu Area of Northwestern TaiwanLo, Y.-C.; Kao, Y.-C; Wang, Y.-C.; Yang, P.-S臺灣昆蟲 
82004Method of rearing a Taiwanese Bumblebee (Bombus excimius: Hymenoptera) in captivityChiang, C.-H.; Ho, K.-K.; Yang, P.-S.臺灣昆蟲 
92004The mosquito fauna (Culicidae: Diptera) in the surface water of the Hah-Pen Creek, Ilan, Taiwan.Teng, H.-J.; Hsue, M.-H.; Wu, Y.-I.; Lee, H.-J.臺灣昆蟲 
102006A new species of whitefly, Crescentaleyrodes vetiveriae (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) from IndiaDubey, Anil Kumar; Ko, Chiun-Cheng 臺灣昆蟲 
112005Study on the Butterfly Fauna an Population Changes at Taipei Botanical GradenFan, Y.-B.; Yang, P.-S.臺灣昆蟲 
122006Toward an Understanding of Host Plant Associations of Whiteflies (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae): An Evolutionary ApproachDubey, Anil Kumar; Ko, Chiun-Cheng 臺灣昆蟲 
132014不同粒徑之碳酸鈣粒子對二點葉蟎("Tetranychus urticae")的防治效果評估劉孜勤; 王祥全; 華國勛; 許如君; JU-CHUN HSU 臺灣昆蟲 
142014不同粒徑之碳酸鈣粒子對桃蚜(Myzus persicae)的防治效果評估劉孜勤; 王祥全; 華國勛; 許如君; JU-CHUN HSU 臺灣昆蟲 
152002以人工飼育蜜蜂幼蟲法評估羥四環素的藥效陳裕文; 王重雄; 何鎧光臺灣昆蟲 
162011以樹幹注射法防治老樹之刺桐釉小蜂王庭碩; 董景生; 楊恩誠; 楊曼妙; EN-CHENG YANG 臺灣昆蟲 
172002利用加馬射線滅除煙甲蟲胡燦; 陳家杰; 彭武康臺灣昆蟲 
182009利用燈光誘捕器調查各類穀倉之積穀害蟲種類與族群變化姚美吉; 李啟陽; 楊恩誠; 路光暉; EN-CHENG YANG 臺灣昆蟲 
192002加馬射線對米象(Sitophilus oryzae) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)之致死效應胡燦; 陳家杰; 彭武康臺灣昆蟲 
202007台灣台東大武地區越冬斑蝶生態之研究趙仁方; 許佳榕; 陳東瑤; 楊平世臺灣昆蟲