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119916-Pentadecylsalicylic acid; An antithrombin component isolated from the stem of Rhus semialata var. roxburghiiCHE-MING TENGPlanta Medica 
22004A new aristolactam alkaloid and anti-platelet aggregation constituents from Piper taiwanenseCHE-MING TENGPlanta Medica 
32007A new cytotoxic agent from solid-state fermented mycelium of Antrodia camphorataLee, T.-H.; Lee, C.-K.; Tsou, W.-L.; Liu, S.-Y.; Kuo, M.-T.; Wen, W.-C.; TZONG-HUEI LEE Planta Medica 
42001A new tetrahydroprotoberberine N-oxide alkaloid and anti-platelet aggregation constituents of Corydalis tashiroiCHE-MING TENGPlanta Medica 
51999Aggregation inhibitory activity of minor acetophenones from Paeonia speciesCHE-MING TENGPlanta Medica 
61992An antiplatelet principle of Veratrum formosanumCHE-MING TENGPlanta Medica 
72005Anti-inflammatory activity of sugiol, a diterpene isolated from Calocedrus formosana barkChao, K. P.; Hua, K. F.; Hsu, H. Y.; Su, Y. C.; Chang, S. T.; SHANG-TZEN CHANG Planta Medica 
82000Anti-platelet aggregation alkaloids and lignans from Hernandia nymphaeifoliaCHE-MING TENGPlanta Medica 
92003Anti-platelet aggregation and chemical constituents from the rhizome of Gynura japonicaCHE-MING TENGPlanta Medica 
102006Antihyperglycemic effect of aporphines and their derivatives in normal and diabetic ratsMING-JAI SU; SHOEI-SHENG LEEPlanta Medica 
112000Antiplatelet aggregation principles from Ephemerantha lonchophyllaCHE-MING TENGPlanta Medica 
122002Antiplatelet and anti-inflammatory constituents and new oxygenated xanthones from Hypericum geminiflorumCHE-MING TENGPlanta Medica 
131996Antiplatelet and vasorelaxing actions of some aporphinoidsCHE-MING TENGPlanta Medica 
141994Antiplatelet and vasorelaxing actions of the acetoxy derivative of cedranediol isolated from Juniperus squamataTur-Fu Huang; CHE-MING TENGPlanta Medica 
151994Antiplatelet and Vasorelaxing Actions of the Acetoxyl Derivative of Cedranediol Isolated from Juniperus SquamataTeng, C. M.; Lin, C. H.; 郭悅雄; Lin, Y. L.; Huang, T. F.; Teng, C. M.; Lin, C. H.; Kuo, Yueh-HsiungPlanta Medica 
161990Antiplatelet components in Panax ginsengCHE-MING TENGPlanta Medica 
171999Antiviral tannins from two Phyllanthus speciesSHOEI-SHENG LEE Planta Medica 
181995Bioactive constituents from the stems of Annona montanaCHE-MING TENGPlanta Medica 
191991Bioactive principles from the roots of Lindera megaphyllaMING-JAI SU; CHE-MING TENGPlanta Medica 
202010Bioactive Y-lactones from the fermented broth of neosartorya sp.Yang, S.-S.; Wang, G.-J.; Cheng, K.-F.; Chen, C.-H.; Ju, Y.-M.; Tsau, Y.-J.; Lee, T.-H.; TZONG-HUEI LEE Planta Medica