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12010Corifollitropin alfa for ovarian stimulation in IVF: A randomized trial in lower-body-weight womenYU-SHIH YANG; YANG, YU-SHIHjournal article7254
22012Dynamic profiles of Oct-4, Cdx-2 and acetylated H4K5 in in-vivo-derived rabbit embryosChen, C.-H.; Xu, J.; Chang, W.-F.; Liu, C.-C.; Su, H.-Y.; Eugene Chen, Y.; Du, F.; Sung, L.-Y.; LI-YING SUNG journal article1111
32016Frequency of low serum LH is associated with increased early pregnancy loss in IVF/ICSI cyclesMEI-JOU CHEN; CHIN-DER CHEN journal article119
42014Granulosa cells and retinoic acid co-treatment enrich potential germ cells from manually selected Oct4-EGFP expressing human embryonic stem cellsChen, Hsin-Fu ; HONG-NERNG HO; Jan, Pey-Shynan; CHUNG-LIANG CHIEN; Kuo, Hung-Chih; HSIN-FU CHEN ; Wu, Fang-Chun; Lan, Chen-Wei; Huang, Mei-Chi; Chien, Chung-Liang; Ho, Hong-Nerngjournal article107
52011Impact of phase transition on the mouse oocyte spindle during vitrificationChang, C.-C.; Lin, C.-J.; Sung, L.-Y.; Kort, H.I.; Tian, X.C.; Nagy, Z.P.; LI-YING SUNG journal article1719
62017Management of endometrial polyps incidentally diagnosed during IVF: a case-control studyJEHN-HSIAHN YANG; MEI-JOU CHENjournal article32
72008PGD of β-thalassaemia and HLA haplotypes using OmniPlex whole genome amplificationYU-SHIH YANG; CHIEN-NAN LEEjournal article1613
82008Prospective comparison of short and long GnRH agonist protocols using recombinant gonadotrophins for IVF/ICSI treatmentsYIH-RON LIENjournal article
92008Prospective comparison of short and long GnRH agonist protocols using recombinant gonadotrophins for IVF/ICSI treatmentsYU-SHIH YANGjournal article
102010Quantitative trait analysis suggests human DAZL may be involved in regulating sperm counts and motilityPO-HSIU KUO ; HSU, CHAO-CHIN; KUO, PO-HSIU ; LEE, I-WEN; SU, MEI-TSZ; TSENG, JOSEPH T.; KUO, PAO-LINjournal article88
112012Spatial and temporal distribution of Oct-4 and acetylated H4K5 in rabbit embryosChen, C.-H.; LI-YING SUNG ; SHINN-CHIH WUet al. journal article1717
122014Targeted anti-apoptosis activity for ovarian protection against chemotherapy-induced ovarian gonadotoxicityLI-JEN LEEjournal article1311