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120182018 consensus of the Taiwan Society of Cardiology and the Diabetes Association of Republic of China (Taiwan) on the pharmacological management of patients with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseasesLEE-MING CHUANG; YEN-WEN WUJournal of the Chinese Medical Association 1315
22013Alleviative effects of deep-seawater drinking water on hepatic lipid accumulation and oxidation induced by a high-fat dietChen, I.-S.; Chang, Y.-Y.; Hsu, C.-L.; Lin, H.-W.; Chang, M.-H.; Chen, J.-W.; Chen, S.-S.; Chen, Y.-C.; YI-CHEN CHEN Journal of the Chinese Medical Association 1822
32012Application of the balanced scorecard to an academic medical center in Taiwan: The effect of warning systems on improvement of hospital performanceRAY-E CHANG Journal of the Chinese Medical Association 78
42013Array comparative genomic hybridization characterization of prenatally detected de novo apparently balanced reciprocal translocations with or without genomic imbalance in other chromosomesMING CHEN Journal of the Chinese Medical Association 44
52007Bilateral inferior petrosal sinus sampling in the management of ACTH-dependent Cushing's syndromeTIEN-SHANG HUANGJournal of the Chinese Medical Association 20
62014Cytotoxic and apoptotic effects of caffeate derivatives on A549 human lung carcinoma cellsChen, Y.-C.; Kuo, Y.-H.; Yang, N.-C.; Liu, C.-W.; Chang, W.-T.; Hsu, C.-L.; YI-CHEN CHEN Journal of the Chinese Medical Association 35
72012Direct measurement of the signal intensity of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging for preoperative grading and treatment guidance for brain gliomasWu, C.-C.; Guo, W.-Y.; Chen, M.-H.; Ho, D.M.T.; Hung, A.S.C.; Chung, H.-W.; HSIAO-WEN CHUNG Journal of the Chinese Medical Association 1416
82015Disseminated Penicillium marneffei mimicking paradoxical response and relapse in a non-HIV patient with pulmonary tuberculosisHAO-CHIEN WANGJournal of the Chinese Medical Association 57
92015Epidemiologic features of Kawasaki disease in acute stages in Taiwan, 1997-2010: Effect of different case definitions in claims data analysisJournal of the Chinese Medical Association 2325
102007Hepatitis B virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma: epidemiology and pathogenic role of viral factors.Liu, CJ; Kao, JH.Journal of the Chinese Medical Association 560
112015High neuroendocrine component is a factor for poor prognosis in gastrointestinal high-grade malignant mixed adenoneuroendocrine neoplasmsYUNG-MING JENGJournal of the Chinese Medical Association 1415
122006Hyperbaric oxygen treatment in Purtscher's retinopathy induced by chest injuryCHUNG-MAY YANG Journal of the Chinese Medical Association 
132011Is recurrent vaginal melanoma a lethal disease?BOR-CHING SHEU; WANG, PENG-HUI; SHEU, BOR-CHINGJournal of the Chinese Medical Association 22
142013Item response analysis on an examination in anesthesiology for medical students in Taiwan: A comparison of one- and two-parameter logistic modelsHuang, Yu-Feng; Tsou, Mei-Yung; Chen, En-Tzu; Chan, Kwok-Hon; Chang, Kuang-YiJournal of the Chinese Medical Association 33
152011Justifying the high prevalence of microalbuminuria for type 2 diabetic patients in Taiwan with conditional probability approach-a DEMAND II StudyCHIH-YUAN WANG; LEE-MING CHUANGJournal of the Chinese Medical Association 67
162011Justifying the High Prevalence of Microalbuminuria for Type 2 Diabetic Patients in Taiwan with Conditional Probability Approach-a Demand Ii StudyCHIANG, SHU-CHIUNG; LEE, JENN-KUEN; CHEN, CHIH -HUNG; CHUANG, LEE-MING; TSAN, KUN-WU; SHEU, WAYNE HUEY-HERNG; WU, DU-AN; WU, DA-JEN; LIN, KWO-CHUAN; JUANG, JYUHN-HUARNG; WANG, CHIH-YUANJOURNAL OF THE CHINESE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION 
172015Kisspeptin expression in mouse Leydig cells correlates with ageWang, J.-Y.; Hsu, M.-C.; Tseng, T.-H.; Wu, L.-S.; Yang, K.-T.; Chiu, C.-H.; LEANG-SHIN WU ; CHIH-HSIEN CHIU Journal of the Chinese Medical Association 1622
182008Luteal Support for Ivf/Icsi Cycles with Crinone 8% (90 Mg) Twice Daily Results in Higher Pregnancy Rates Than with Intramuscular Progesterone = 使用黃體素陰道凝膠當作試管嬰兒治療的黃體期補充會比肌肉注射黃體素有更好的懷 孕率HO, CHI-HONG; CHEN, SHEE-UAN; PENG, FU- SHIANG; CHANG, CHIH-YUAN; YANG, YU-SHIHJOURNAL OF THE CHINESE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION 
192015Mammography screening causes anxiety in womenMING-KWANG SHYUJournal of the Chinese Medical Association 66
202015Nanotechnology-based drug delivery treatments and specific targeting therapy for age-related macular degenerationLIN-CHUNG WOUNG Journal of the Chinese Medical Association 816